Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Weigh To Go: Weeks 3 and 4 Recap, Week 5 Plan

Yes, it’s true.  I didn’t update this little thing last week.  So for those who were glued to your computer screens waiting for an update, here it is.
The last two weeks haven’t been great, but they haven’t been terrible either.  I only caught the last 20 minutes or so of last week’s webinar, which was over dining out.   Basically, the synopsis of it was that there are a ton of calories, fat, and sodium in fast food meals, as well as meals at popular dine-out restaurants.  Also, there are multiple servings in each meal, so you really should be able to make several meals out of one entrĂ©e.  I knew most of these things, so apparently I didn’t miss much while I was sitting in my monthly department meeting.
As for the last two weeks, eating has been better, but not great.  After the house/dog-sitting venture, I did indeed jump on the cooking bandwagon.  I made some killer chicken/bacon/veggie/bean tacos/tostadas.  Fairly healthy, and I made 8 meals out of it.  I did cave a few times.  Subway (that buffalo chicken sandwich is only $5 until tomorrow), Taco Bell (I worked late one night, and my normal Tuesday spot, plus one Saturday indulgence), and QT taquitos (and loaded potato rollers…mmm…).  There was also a Burger King indulgence in there, but still sticking to the swear-off of McDonalds.  Oh, and there is the fairly routine Sunday morning trip to Sonic for a Coke Zero and Cheddar Bites with ranch.  So, yes, there have been some caves, but I cooked too.  Last week, I cooked up some excellent (and fairly healthy) parmesan crusted tilapia, with spicy wild rice and peach salsa.  Magnifico!  Granted, that culinary victory was followed by a bacon extravaganza in the form of chocolate covered Oreos and peanut butter no-bake cookies covered in the candied delightfulness.  Now, these delicacies were for a Bible Study potluck/barbeque, but I’m pretty sure I sampled an unhealthy portion of them to make sure they were safe for consumption.  I’ve also wiped out my supply of light adult beverages, which I don’t intend to replace any time soon.  I’m attempting to jump start good eating habits.  One step at a time…speaking of which…
Exercise hasn’t been the greatest the past couple weeks.  I have started walking at lunch more often.  It has helped a bit.  However, I haven’t walked in the evenings, except for walking to the mailbox to return my Netflix habit – which is probably better than driving down to the mailbox on my way to work, or just dropping it in the mailbox at work.  It’s probably a little over a ¼ mile round trip, but it’s a good 10 minute walk in the evening, if nothing else.  I didn’t do too much on the weekends, but I did help build some electric fence (a lot of walking) and do some home improvements at the working birthday party this weekend (but mostly I just showed up for the food). 
This week is about meal replacement or eating on the go without eating out.  The dietician’s advice is to buy pretzels or peanuts at a convenience store instead of a candy bar or chips.  She also says to pack snacks like cheese sticks, veggies, fruit, or peanut butter sandwiches on whole wheat bread if you’re on the go.  Again, most of these I know, but I don’t adhere to them that well…obviously.  She also is promoting the walk at lunch thing.  Already doing it. 
The goal this week is to walk every day at lunch, if only for 10 minutes.  Also, I plan on walking to Bible study Thursday night, if I’m not enveloped at work.  Plus, since this weekend is a three-day weekend, I’m sure Dad’s got a list of physically demanding chores to do while I’m there.  So the exercise front is covered.  On the eating front, I’m going to cook tomorrow night, but I still haven’t decided what yet.  I’m thinking a healthy-ish pizza or something along those lines.  I’ll keep you posted.   
I haven’t weighed in for two weeks, but the last time wasn’t pretty.  I’m not exactly on track to hit the -15 pound mark by the end of this 10 week course, but I’m still going to strive for it.  We’ll see. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Weigh To Go: Week 2 Recap, Week 3 Plan

Yes.  It was a bad week.  I would include how much I think I've gained, but let's just say it's less than the 10 pounds that it feels like.  In the grand scheme of things, it could have been worse, but it was still pretty bad.  The only meals that didn’t involve a sub from either Subway, Planet Sub, or Quiznos was Tuesday supper (Taco Bell, three Fresco tacos), Wednesday for lunch (salad), Friday supper (KFC [doublicious sandwich, buffalo snacker, potato wedges] and a couple pieces of Pizza Hut pizza at Lurenda and Keith’s party), Saturday lunch (big salad), Saturday supper (burgers and fries at Jared and Christina’s), Sunday lunch (Taco Bell, Triple Steak Burrito), and Sunday supper (sweet sour pork with Mom and Dad).  So that’s eight footlong/large subs since then.  Ulgh.  Thinking about that makes my stomach groan a little.  Fiscally, the footlong Buffalo Chicken sub from Subway was almost responsible, since it’s the $5 sub for the month.  Alternately, Quiznos and Planet Subs subs (roast beef/cheddar and turkey bacon guacamole from the former; Beefeater [beef, bacon, barbeque], the Experience [chicken, pepperoni, bacon, jalapenos], and Tijuana Taxi [chicken, cream cheese, jalapenos] from the latter) made up for any alleged savings while at Subway, because they’re a bit pricy.  However, the good news is: no McDonalds.  I also only broke down and got taquitos three times.  “Only” being completely relative, of course, but it’s been a bad week, clearly.  Excuses, I know, but if you were in my situation this week (with the house-sitting, etc.), you might not have done so well either.
On the exercise front, it wasn’t a great week, but not awful.  Wednesday I walked the dog (or he walked/dragged me, depending on how you look at it) from my cousin’s place to mine (about a mile), and proceeded to clean my pad, then walked back.  It would have been better if I would have forgone the reward sub when I got home, but it’s better than nothing.  I should have walked to Bible study on Thursday, but I didn’t.  I didn’t exercise on Friday either.  Saturday I didn’t exercise per se, but I did help move some furniture at Jared and Christina’s, so that’s got to count for something, right?  Sunday, I made up for any lack of exercise for the week.  Dad baled probably 120 square bales (probably 70-110 pounds apiece), and Josh and I picked it all up – while Clayton drove my truck.  If there was any doubt about my being out of shape, it was chiseled in stone after that little excursion.  It felt good to do some hard work though.  I was really feeling it on Monday though.  I hurt.  However, I decided to revisit the dog walk/apartment cleaning scenario to help a bit, and I finished said cleaning. 
So this week’s lesson is on reading labels.  This isn’t really my strong suit, not because I don’t care about what I eat or don’t read labels, but a lot of stuff that I make [normally] is a recipe and not boxed.  However, I do need to go grocery shopping, so I guess I can try out anything I learn today when I go on Wednesday, when I start cooking again. 
I’m thinking something Mexican.  Or something with bacon.  Mexican bacon? 
The dietician is kind of lauding corn tortillas, which I’m not a huge fan of – not because they aren’t good tasting, but they fall apart very easily.  Maybe I’ll try the light frying then make something light to go on top of it.  We’ll see. 
Now we’re on to serving size.  That might be something to look at.  She’s using cereal as an example.  Apparently a serving size for Captain Crunch is ¾ cup, whereas Kix is 1 ¼ cups.  Fascinating – with only slight sarcasm. 
Rice isn’t a whole grain?  Well that changes things…
Hmmm…potassium is good for people with high blood pressure…or in foods that have a lot of salt.  Good to know…
Now she’s on to the non-labeled foods.  Finally.  Well, that was kind of lackluster.  I already knew most of that.
That’s all for now I guess.  Goal for the week (beginning tomorrow after lunch): don’t eat out and walk more.  It’s beautiful outside now that the heat has broke (for now), so time to exercise more. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Weigh To Go: Week 1 Recap, Week 2 Plan

Well, last week was a good week.  So far this week, not so much.
Last week, I stuck very close to the don’t eat fast food, only eat food I cooked at home plan.  There was a lot of leftovers consumed in very portioned sizes.  The only caving per se came in the form of taquitos from Quick Trip and a late Friday night run to Taco Bell.  Yes, I know, bad.  Those pale in comparison to this week.  I did do some walking too.  I walked to Bible Study on Thursday, and then I walked to my cousin’s house Friday evening.  Not super strenuous exercise, but it was hot and I worked up a good sweat. 
So far this week, bad. Bad.  Let’s see, Saturday night was the beginning.  I ate a very light lunch while I was helping fill silo on the farm (which was epic, by the way), then a decent supper before heading back to the city.  Where I went off the rails was the pit stop at McDonald’s.  I’m not going to do the calorie count like I did last time I did a weight loss journal entry (which was during the holidays, which is just not right), but suffice to say that a McChicken, a Bacon and Cheese Angus Snack Wrap, a large strawberry shake, and a large Sprite weren’t in the diet plan.  Sunday wasn’t much better.  I went to a Royals game with some pals from school.  The tailgating wasn’t bad.  A few Coors Light cans, a couple cookies, and some chips and dip, but Applebee’s afterwards was my downfall.  Not only did I consume a hefty portion of the appetizer sampler, but also an entire plate of Cajun Shrimp pasta and a side of cheesy corn (with bacon).  Bad.  Miserably so.  Did I mention that I started house/dog-sitting on Saturday?  Yeah, the whole don’t-want-to-cook-so-as-to-not-have-to-clean-up-someone-else’s-house-and-dishes aspect was coming in strong.  So yesterday I hit up Quizno’s for lunch (large Turkey Bacon Guacamole) and Subway for supper (footlong Buffalo Chicken with bacon).  Not horrible, but still pretty bad.  Today isn’t looking so hot either, as I’ve just come from Planet Sub (footlong Jacked-Up Chicken).  Wow.  I haven’t had beef since Saturday.  I’ll have to remedy that.  Tonight is P&W practice, which means Taco Bell.  I’ll try to motivate myself and put here that I need to get a three taco meal Fresco style (about as healthy as you can eat at the TB). 
The plan for the rest of the week is to back off the huge portioned meals, or maybe get a footlong and only eat six inches at a time (and yes, that might be…wss).  Also, there’s an elliptical at my cousin’s place.  I need to get on that.  Literally.  I also have some house cleaning to do at my apartment, which means I might take the dog for a walk tomorrow.  We’ll see.  But exercise.  Must do. 
Suitable that this is what the dietician is talking about this week.  She’s going through identifiers like why we do or don’t exercise and why we eat when we eat.  Apparently I’m an all or nothing exerciser with some self-critical tendencies about my body.  I also appear to be an emotional eater – which, for me, includes all ranges of emotions, instead of just lonely, depressed, etc. as indicated in the session today – a fast eater, and a cave to convenience.  All of these I knew, but I figure I better write them down as a matter of motivation. 
Now we’re on to meal planning which, when I’m on my normal schedule, I’m pretty good at.  I really only make one meal a week, then eat leftovers for the rest of the week.  I pretty much don’t keep sweets in the house (especially pop, and I don’t like having bad snack foods around, because they disappear quickly), but I do tend to eat more than one portion.  I need to swear off McDonalds.  That’s what it really boils down to.  How about from now until the end of this thing, I swear off McDonalds?  Yeah, let’s go with that.  Not fast food altogether, otherwise I’d fail miserably, but start with McDonalds – which just happens to be the only fast food joint that I drive by on my way home from work. 
Now on to exercise.  As mentioned last week, not having my gym at work open sucks.  Motivate.  Walk. 
Okay.  Stay tuned.  We’ll do better, won’t we my precious?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Weigh To Go: The Beginning

I realize that my blog has become very movie focused of late, but it’s summer, so I’m sure you understand.  I promise I have a few things in the works (a rundown of season two of Glee and a retort that is still brewing to a recent comment on a blog post from a year ago).  However, since I’m stuck here listening to a webinar, I’ll give you a little jump start as to why I’m starting this eight week series…
So, yes, it’s true (not that there have been rumors, but my internal voices thought I should mention that): I’ve lost about 20 pounds since the first of the year, but I’ve got about…oh…a lot to go.  Let’s see…in November, I wanted to be back down to summer 2008 weight by May, a goal which wasn’t met.  However, losing 20 pound in eight months isn’t bad, in my opinion.  However, losing another…amount…is going to be harder.  Additionally, not having a gym to frequent until January (the gym at work is closed for building renovation, and gym fees just aren’t in the budget) and the nigh unbearable heat wave of late (110+ heat indexes) has pretty much kept me indoors at all times during the work week. 
So as a jump start, and competition of sorts with familial affiliates, I jumped on this webinar offered through work called Weigh To Go.  Plus, there’s 25,000 points on the Blue Cross Blue Shield system available for doing it – points that will be redeemable for a $25 credit at Amazon.  So, August and September are going to be filled with exercise, healthy meals, cooking, and most likely splurges.  It will probably help that a couple guys at work are doing it, so I can have a little extra motivation.
So this is going to be my life for the next eight weeks.  I plan on being about 15 pounds lighter by then, as indicated is a good plan (2 pounds a week).  So stay glued to your computer screens for progress.  You know you’re clamoring for every infinitesimal aspect of my life…