Monday, March 11, 2013

If Scrat Ran the Oscars: 2013 Edition

Normally, I would have posted this right after the actual ceremony, but work sent me around a blizzard to Los Angeles, where I didn’t have a break to post this monstrosity over the last two weeks.  But here goes, anyway. 
As is a yearly tradition; here’s the way that I thought the Academy Awards should have gone.  That is, if I were in charge of nominating/choosing.  One day, when I’m ruler of the world, I will be.
As usual, I’ve left out a few categories like documentary and short film, but who really cares about those anyways?  Again, this year, I’ve included a “My reasoning” section for each category – and don’t worry, not all of them are fawning over the films I felt were standouts.  Again, this year is my “Prediction/Actual Winner/Should Have Won” section.  “Should Have Won” only applies to films that were nominated and should have won but were not in my list.  Oh, and I worked on the formatting and revised the “→←” to indicate which film I would have chosen.  Enjoy!  (After the break, of course…)