Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Obama Show: State of the Union 2013 Edition

This was the first major speech that I missed our pathetic excuse for a leader give since his first election.  Quite frankly, he’s got nothing new to say, and after giving commentary in red, I realized just how vapid he thinks the American people are.  Okay, so he might be correct, thinking they’re stupid.  They did just reelect him, after all.  However, he’s got no mandate to govern, having received just over half the vote – and govern isn’t really his thing, when he can just campaign for another four years.  He’s drawn the battle lines, if you will, and he makes it obvious in this speech that he has no real ideas, but rather wants to paint his political opponents (particularly those in the House) as the detractors/legislative hijackers.  He hit the high points.  Immigration, gun laws, and the economy.  Nothing new there.  He did have a few “new” bits, but nothing of real substance. 
This was a typical speech.  Change a few of the words, and I’m sure you heard everything in one of his stump speeches last fall.  He used “I” 34 times, “my” 19 times, “fair” twice, “bipartisan” three times, “Democrats/Republicans” four times, and “both parties” six times.  I struck out his sob stories and self-congratulating ramblings.  This thing is a behemoth (19 pages in Word), and not for the faint of heart.  Reading it is easier than watching it, but it takes longer.  However, my television’s mortality is at stake if I watch him, so I’m sure my Vizio breathed a sigh of relief when it learned I wouldn’t be viewing the buffoon this time. 
Read at your own risk, after the jump…if you dare.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Glee: Season 3 Review

Full disclosure: I started writing this back in August, when I first watched the season.  I was so frustrated by the end of my Netflix sessions with the season, that I abandoned the review to focus on anything else.  I also hit kind of a writers-lull, so I didn’t get around to starting this thing again, until I begrudgedly re-watched the season last month.  Basically, what it had boiled down to was that I finished watching the latest seasons of “Archer” and “Parks & Rec” and thought I’d give this season another shot.  The second time was not the charm.
This show started off with so much promise.  Then it kind of veered off into lacklusterness late in the first season.  By the time the second season took off, it was clear the writers had an agenda and used kids as their pawns – like any good liberal would.  This season isn’t worse than the second, but it’s no better.  The show isn’t as agenda-driven, but it’s kind of descended into irrelevance.   Plus, for a show aimed at teens or younger, it’s very dirty and features themes totally inappropriate for kids not yet old enough to understand them.  Granted, they’re being brainwashed this crap every day in internment camps, er, um, public schools.  But what started as a relatively smart show with good music, has devolved into after-school specials on losing your virginity, learning Spanish to benefit your future, bullying-induced suicide prevention, teenage marriage, texting while driving, devaluing Christianity, and transgender promotion. 
I’m pretty sure that I continue to watch the show because of three possible scenarios:
  1. I’m a masochist.
  2. It’s such a train-wreck that I just have to watch.
  3. I’m in love with Santana and Rachel.
You be the judge. (After the jump...)