Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Republican National Convention Commentary: Day 3

Okay, it’s Day 3, and after last night, I’m jazzed.

Not too thrilled that I’m watching this, yet again, on PBS.  I wish I had C-SPAN or FOX News for this, because I really don’t like this Gwen Ifill/Judy Woodruff/Mark Sheilds/David Brooks commentary.  Truly lackluster.  I either want moderately intelligent commentary (FOX News) or none (C-SPAN), but my fiscal stance doesn’t justify cable, so I’m settling for PBS.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is joining them in the box, but I doubt he’ll be able to speak some sense into them.  I’m not even going to commentate, because Brooks just dropped a stupid question that anyone with any sense would know about the divided Senate.  These people give journalism a bad name – like most “journalists” nowadays.  Nice.  McConnell just verbally slapped Shields.  Fantastic.  And now they’ve swapped McConnell for Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois.  Incredibly lame to invite a Democrat to commentate.  Why don’t you just invite Rachel Maddow?  Talk about a robot.  This guy has hit every misnomer and standard talking point of the Democrat party. 

Now we’ve shifted to a pre-taped interview with Tagg Romney, one of the nominee’s sons.  Not as polished as his mom and dad, but seems just as genuine. 

Oh, so we’re not going to carry Speaker Boehner’s speech or the Pledge, but we’re going to interview the writers of a book about Romney?  Oh, and they’re both writers for The Boston Globe.  Wow.  Tacky.  How disrespectful.  They’re commentating instead of carrying the national anthem.  Even tackier.  Oh my goat.  These lunatics are driving me up the wall.  Now we’re shifting to “presidential historians”.  Great.  Commentating break. 

Oh, did we just realize that Boehner was at the podium?  Ugh.  I Got a Feelin’ again?  Fail again, RNC music supervisor.  The floor is looking a lot more vibrant tonight.  The people, that is.

Congressman Connie Mack of Florida just took the stage.  Good speech.  Short, sweet, and to the point.

They just showed a Reagan legacy video.  I’m not going to lie, I swelled with emotion.  Not a blubbering mess like women watching the latest whoring from the mind of Nicholas Sparks, but rather, pride in America and respect for a great man. 

Now Newt and Callista Gingrich are at the podium, talking about Reagan’s legacy.  Ooo…Newt, I  love you.  I don’t love your personal life, but I love your political resolve.  Thanks for likening this novice in the White House to the failed Jimmy Carter.  Callista is no Ann.  Too robotic.  Great words. 

Now we’re playing a Hispanics video.  Not too keen on these things.  Too much like pandering.  Their words are right on, but this seems too heavy-handed.  Though, I think I just find it odd in this party, whereas pandering is commonplace in the other.  What really irritates me about this video isn’t the content, but that Governor Luis  Fortuno of Puerto Rico plays a major role in it.  And his remarks weren’t carried last night. 

Now Craig Romney, Mitt and Ann’s youngest son, is delivering remarks in Spanish.  Not terribly keen on this, but I’ll give him credit, because he did missionary work in Chile.  Okay, I like this kid.  He got choked up talking about his grandparents.  Short, but sweet. 

Now a video about the American dream. 

Now former Florida governor Jeb Bush is at the podium, flanked by Sean Duffy, a teacher from Texas, and Franz Placide, a student of school choice from Florida.    “I love my brother.”  We do too.  “Mr. President, it’s time to stop blaming your predecessor for your failed economic policies.”  Preach.  “…a real leader would accept responsibilities for his actions.”  Amen.  Now he’s on to education.  This kind of seems like riding on the winds brought by Condi last night.  I hate to critique a fellow Republican, but Mr. Duffy , you look like a bearded ginger version of Rachel Maddow.  Though, you aren’t foaming at the mouth, so I’ll give you credit.  Excellent milk analogy on school choice, Gov. Bush.  “You can either help the politically powerful unions, or you can help the kids.”  And he just brought up Gov. Walker’s fight for education.  The crowd loved it.  Did I mention that Gov. Walker annihilated the [P]MSNBC whack-job panel last night?  Epic.  Look it up.  Okay, back to Gov. Bush.  I really like how he never said that a quality education is a right, but rather an opportunity. 

Okay, PBS is taking a break.  Switched over to the Kansas City/Green Bay game.  No surprise there.  Green Bay is up 14-3.  Go Packers!

Ooo…I think I can see Meghan Kelly from the convention perch.  So much more attractive than these bloviating windbags, Brooks and Sheilds.  They think this convention is “too idealistic.”  Really?  That’s a bad thing?  Commentating break.

Now PBS’s guy on the floor is interviewing Ted Cruz.  He’s asking him about the Tea Party.  Cruz is giving this guy a great schooling.  We’re not going to cover the current speaker, instead we’re going to listen to the “presidential historians” ponder whether this is the return of the Goldwater era.

Now we’re hearing from tenants of the Mormon church.  This guy is propping up Romney’s faith credentials.  Last night, I read a thread of conversations about the evangelical thoughts on his Mormon faith.  Ooo.  Gov. Walker is sitting with Ann.  Sorry.  A.D.D.  I’m just having a hard time getting into this guy’s speech.  It’s monotone and I don’t think he’s capable of moving his upper lip.  It’s not without substance, just not stirring.  Okay, his name is Bishop Grant Bennett, and I think his left eye is fake.  Sorry.  A.D.D. again.  Now Pat and Ted Oparowski are at the podium.  They’re telling a touching story about their son’s illness and the character of Mitt Romney throughout.  Great story, great folks.  Now, Pam Finlayson is at the podium.  Another touching story, and I appreciate how she’s getting choked up – shows the genuine side.  Great story. 

If these whack-jobs start in on Romney’s likability, I’m going to blow a fuse.  And….there Gwen goes.  I’d go on a commentary break, but former Mississippi governor, Haley Barbour, is in the booth.  He just zinged Sheilds: “You and I both know that if this election is about Barack Obama, Mitt Romney is going to win.”  Brooks just took a condescending tone with Barbour on Medicare, and I love how Barbour is calmly putting him in his place.  How did we get back to Medicare?  I thought we were on likability.  I know we won’t talk about faith on PBS, but come on.  Why are you moving to immigration Sheilds?  You just tried to demonize Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona.  Fail.  Your wattle amuses me though.  Barbour’s response about securing the border, though – brilliant.  Zing!  Barbour just lightly slammed Brooks comment on cutting funding for public broadcasting.

Tom Stenberg, former CEO of Staples, just took the podium.  The crowd is chanting “You built that!”  Love it!  “Who would make a better president?  [Paraphrased:] Someone who likes saving a dollar on pens and paper, or someone who wastes $500 million dollars on Solyndra?”  I love how he’s getting the crowd in on this, “They just don’t get it.”  Classic.  Good speech. 

And now the talking heads are talking about how the Mormon stories not getting out until now is “campaign malpractice.”  Really?  Judy is actually trying to make a good point, that Ann said Mitt doesn’t like talking about himself. 

Now, Ray Fernandez, a Florida businessman, has taken the podium.  He’s propping up Romney’s work at Bain Capital, and how Bain helped he and his wife build their own business.  Very short speech, but absolutely necessary. 

Commentary break.  I need sustenance, and they’ve shifted outside the hall to other talking heads.

Former Massachusetts Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey is at the podium now.   She’s here to prop up Romney’s tenure as governor of Taxachusetts.  Okay, there’s something I didn’t know.  She says that he never took a salary when he was governor.  That’s kind of Ron Paul-esque.  “…he will never apologize for America.”  I think that’s the first time I’ve heard the apology aspect at this convention. 

And back to the talking heads.  More sustenance. 

Now, Jane Edmonds, former secretary of workforce in Romney’s cabinet – and a liberal Democrat – is at the podium.  This ought to be interesting.  She’s really propping up his promotion of women in government.  That was good.  I’m not aligned with her ideologically, but I have great respect for her.  She’s not afraid to say that she respects his authenticity and passion. 

Now the talking head are blabbering again.  Why can’t we watch whoever is performing right now.  Sounds a lot better, just in the background, than these windbags.  Now this “presidential historian” just tried a subtle blow at Governor Chris Christie.  Oh, it’s Taylor Hicks performing.  Nice.  Another “American Idol” alum. 

Kim Rhode, a gold medalist in skeet shooting, just took the stand.  Apparently, this is the Olympics segment.  She’s joined by Dan Jansen and others.  Scott Hamilton – wow, that one surprises me. She just introduced the hockey captain from 1980 Olympic team, Mike Eruzione.  Big chant, “USA! USA! USA!”  Love it!  I kind of want to go re-watch Miracle now.  Derek Parra is speaking now.  These guys are doing a great job showing how well Romney managed the Olympics.  A.D.D. moment: Hello, Paul Ryan.  Let’s be friends.  Okay, Mr. Parra’s story is incredibly touching.  I don’t remember this story of the World Trade Center flag at the 2002 Olympic Games.  Well done, sir.

Oh, man.  I’d rather listen to BeBe Winans instead of the commentary.  I’ll commentate instead.  I really wasn’t as jazzed about tonight’s lineup, because I didn’t know hardly any of them.  However, this is going quite well.  I just love how these talking heads are just flummoxed at the idea that Mitt relates to “normal” people.    Seriously, I want to listen to BeBe.  Wonderful.  Ooo…they’re cutting to him.  Surprising.  Fantastic!  Gwen: “That was worth listening to.”  Instead of you, Gwen, any day. 

Have I mentioned how excited I am to see Clint Eastwood here?  Can we just have him throw the Obamas out of the White House onto the lawn and then say as only he can, “Get off my lawn!”?  Please?!  Can’t wait!

Now we’ve got an Olympic tribute video.  Check that, this is more of a overview of Romney.  Great video.  YouTube it.

Oh.  Hell yes.  Love the backdrop behind Clint.  Classic.  Can’t wait to hear what he has to say.  I don’t think he’s using the teleprompter.  Love it.  I can’t even commentate.  You must YouTube this.  Epic.  “Politicians are employees of ours.”  Preach.  “When somebody does not do the job, we gotta let ‘em go.”  This is fantastic.  “Go ahead… MAKE MY DAY!”  That was AWESOME!

That may be the first right thing the talking heads have said all week, “Tough act to follow.”  But I think Senator Marco Rubio of Florida is up to the task.  Love this guy.  This guy’s got passion.  I can’t wait to see “President” in his title in eight years…  He just took on the Obama campaign’s slogan “Forward”.  Fantastic.  “Hope and change has become divide and conquer.”  Word.  “This election is about your future, it’s about yours.”  Agreed.  “Almighty God is the source of all we have.”  Preach.  Literally.  “Faith in our Creator is the most important American value of them all.”  This guy is awesome.  Passion, charisma, and heart.  He’s got a captive audience.  I think he just had a minor gaffe, and I’m sure the talking heads will have a field day with it.  Regardless, great speech.  Love. That. Guy.

And here’s Mitt.  Coming in on the convention floor, instead of from backstage.  Classy.  And now the talking heads are blabbering about the stage change.  Mitt really does look humbled by this.  Okay, up till now, I’ve actually been kind of captivated by the speech, but now the protestor(s) is interrupting.  Too bad PBS didn’t have a good angle.  I bet they were in the [P]MSNBC box.  Good speech, thus far.  I’m kind of dropping the commentary ball here, but it’s not really something I can talk about while watching.  It’s pretty engrossing.  Okay, best quote yet: “In America, we celebrate success.  We don’t apologize for success.”  Word.  I think we’re getting into the meat now.  Ooo….a five step plan.  1) Energy independence, 2) Education choice, 3) Trade, 4) Cutting the deficit and balancing the budget, and finally, 5) Promoting small business (reeling in regulations and repealing and replacing [?] ObamaCare).  I like that.  A business plan.  “As president, I’ll protect the sanctity of life.  I’ll honor the institution of marriage.”  Thanks for addressing these issues from such a huge platform.  “My promise is to help you and your family.”  “[In a Romney administration,] Mr. Putin would see a little less flexibility and a little more backbone.”   Great speech, Governor.  I’m behind you. 

This was a great convention.   Look at all the people on this stage!  Fantastic!  The talking heads are bloviating.  I’m going to sign off.  I’m excited.

Ugh.  And I just realized that I’m that much closer to next week’s swirling vortex of doucheism in Charlotte.  Don’t worry; I’ll cover it so you don’t have to.  Taking one for the team, that’s me.  I don’t look forward to it, but I’m going to do my best not to throw things at the television.  

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Republican National Convention Commentary: Day 2

Night 2. Let’s go. 
Okay, the color guard is out, and they’re disabled veterans.  Nice touch.  Naturally, the PBS coverage isn’t going to carry the Pledge of Allegiance.  I’m surprised they’re carrying the National Anthem, sung by Ayla Brown, daughter of Senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts.   Lovely.  So was the song.

Okay, so the wattle from last night, Mark Shields, a syndicated columnist.  The New York Times douche, David Brooks. 

Why are these talking heads dwelling on the alleged lack of personal likability on the part of Mitt Romney?  He’s perfectly likable, and seems pretty genuine.  How about we talk about the two-faced person occupying the Oval Office?  The wattle just said “we know Chris Christie better after a half-hour speech last night than we know Mitt Romney after two presidential campaigns.”  Really?  Where has this fossil been for the last year?  I’m bored with this.  I’m halting commentary until they bring in a guest or shift to the stage.  The color guard just left the stage.  Classy.  Christina Bellantoni, political editor of the News Hour, just joined them.  Still not going to commentate. 

The Ron Paul video just started.  I’m intrigued by this.  Okay, I’ll admit it, I think this is a ploy.  I agree with some of what Paul stands for, but some of his views are out there.  I really think this is a way to reach out to the Paulites, and bring them into the fold.  Good move, but I don’t think it’ll do a whole lot of good. 

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky is taking the stage.  He’s not really saying anything that knocks it out of the park, but he’s doing fine.  McConnell isn’t the best speech giver, but he’s been a bulwark in the Senate against the rat known as Harry Reid.  Okay, there was a nice pun about how Obama is looking “for a spot on the PGA tour.”  Props.  “To call this a recovery, is an insult to recoveries.”  Word. 

Okay, talking heads, you should just let Jack Blades Back in the Game blast and shut up for a while.  Oh, really, Brooks, get a little dig in at Palin being “kicked off FOX tonight.”  Since when?  I love how these idiots talk about the Tea Party like they know something about it.  Completely devoid of intellect, that’s how I would label them.

Okay, Rand Paul, Senator from Kentucky, is taking the stage.  “When the Supreme Court upheld ObamaCare, the first words out of my mouth were, ‘I still think it’s unconstitutional.’”  “The whole damn thing is still unconstitutional.”  Preach.  He’s reiterating the “you didn’t build that” comment.  If this were a drinking game, there’d be some alcohol poisoning by now, but you can’t really drive that point home enough.  I’m not going to lie, these oriental names tripping him up are kind of amusing.  Thank you for bringing up the Keystone pipeline.  Okay, he wasn’t as awesome as I thought he might be, but he was still petty good. 

Now we’re on to the Bush video, of 41 and 43.  Is there any classier first lady than Laura Bush?  Integrity.  Exactly.  I didn’t always agree with either of their actions, but I have tremendous respect for both of them.  That was a superbly classy video.  Funny, touching, and just a nice touch.  I’m surprised that the talking heads are almost giving both men props.  Okay, Sheilds.  You’re driving me up the wall.  Now he’s back to this “Mitt Romney isn’t personable” talking point.  Just shut up. 

I’m surprised they’re carrying the tail end of Jeanine McConnell and Chris Devlin-Young’s introduction of Senator John McCain of Arizona.  Hello, Gov. McDonnell.  I really don’t understand why McCain is here.  I’ve never been a fan of his.  I have great respect for his service to this country, but as a politician, I’ve never cared for him.  Now, Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona (who it just flashed on screen), I love her.   Look, I’m liking everything he’s saying about the veterans and those serving today, but I can’t shake this notion that the RNC is letting, by all accounts, a loser address the convention.  He lost four years ago, so how is anything he says supposed to rev the engines of those here today?  Okay, props for addressing the US-Israel relationship.   Oh, ten points for hitting the administration on the media leaks.  I do like how he’s addressing the uprisings in Iran and Syria.  Not necessarily because it’s the job of the US to be the world police (yes, I now have America, F--- Yeah! stuck in my head), but because the president has been completely uninvolved.  This is a job for the UN, or at least, it’s what they should be doing were they not about the most corrupt international organization in existence.  Okay, I’m off the soapbox.  McCain is wrapping up, and not a moment too soon.  I still don’t understand why he’s even speaking.  I can think of about ten other people who could have filled the slot. 

And naturally, PBS has to bring up the Todd Akin media-created controversy.  Ooo…now Rick Santorum is joining these whack-jobs in the PBS box.  This guy is so likable, and showing these tools that this election isn’t just about social issues.  And now they’re trying to still make this election about likability.  Santorum is actually giving into them.  I wish he’d just say, “Let’s talk policy, or about what a train wreck this current administration is.”  Naturally, PBS isn’t carrying a woman speaker.  They’d rather ask Santorum about his sweater vests. 

Pam Bondi, Attorney General of Florida was completely cut out.  Now they’re cutting to Sam Olens, Attorney General of Georgia.  Oh, so this is a joint speech, back to Bondi.  They’re slamming  ObamaCare, and talking about their efforts to stop it.  “It is a tax.”  Preach.  A little robotic, but I liked what they had to say. 

Now Senator John Thune of South Dakota.  Don’t know a whole lot about him off the top of my head.  “[In a basketball game] President Obama would be easy to defend, because you always know he’ll go to his left.”  Nice.  Thank you so much for brining up the farming issues.  This administration’s war on family farms – especially trying to keep farm kids from helping out – is an issue near and dear to me.  Okay, a fairly short speech, but effective. 

Really, Brooks?  You’re going to lump the Occupy movement in with the Tea Party?  These guys are a joke.  And now we’re back to Sheilds still talking likability.  And now they’ve dug up a Pew Research fossil.  You should see this guy.  Talking about the youth vote.  They interviewed the youngest delegate there, a 17-year-old that showed more in the two minutes they had him for than they can get out of this talking corpse.  I know this sounds mean, but I don’t have kind words for people who are so blatantly partisan.  You should see this dude’s teeth.  He’s bashing my boy, Paul Ryan.  And now we’re interviewing John McCain. 

Okay, an update on the FOX-Palin note from earlier.  She’s not appearing on FOX tonight, but she doesn’t elaborate.  Apparently she wanted to talk about McCain.  I can see why FOX wouldn’t want that.  Oh, and I didn’t glean this from PBS.  Thanks, Drudge Report.

Now this Pew (Andre Kohut) guy is saying that young people are “packaged liberals”.  And that, ladies and gentlemen, is an indictment on the public school system.  These people are infuriating me.  I get it, this is PBS, but it’s nonetheless irritating.  Bored. 

Okay, now Senator Rob Portman of Ohio is taking the stage.  I don’t know much about this guy either, but I’ll admit that I found his spot on Romney’s short list as nothing more than pandering to get votes in Ohio.  So glad Romney went big with Ryan.  Okay, I’m liking this guy.  He’s making a great analogy about how Romney would be better trusted with investing our personal wealth, so why not trust him with the wealth of our nation?  “President Obama says he deserves reelection because his policies have worked.  Not in this universe, they haven’t.”  Love it!  Okay, now I know why this guy was on his short list.  Energy, reforms, jobs – all key elements.  But I still love Ryan more.  Getting giddy for his speech. 

Steve Cohen, an Ohio businessman, is at the podium.  “…the unnecessary war on coal.”  Preach.  Short speech. 

Okay, so I missed the running commentary on the PBS booth’s guest, Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconson, but he had some great points.  Now the PBS guy on the floor has found a Missouri delegate that will talk about the media-created Todd Akin controversy.  The whack-jobs in the booth couldn’t wait to talk about this.  Ugh.  Get off this unnecessary topic.  Though, I understand why they’re talking about it, because they don’t want to talk about real issues. 

And now, former Minnesota governor, Tim Pawlenty.  “Welcome to Barack Obama’s retirement party!”  Love it!  “When Paul Ryan speaks, Joe [Biden] will finally get to hear what a real vice president sounds like.”  Amen, brother.  “Barack Obama is the first president to create more excuses than jobs. … Mr. President, if you want to find fault; I suggest you look in the mirror.”  Word.  “It’s understandable.  A lot of people fail at their first job.”  Love this!  “In a few months…Barack Obama will at last get some experience in the private sector.”  Great speech.

Now, former Arkansas governor, Mike Huckabee.  Oh, yes he did.  “…the awful noise…was Debbie Wasserman-Shultz practicing her speech for next week.”  LOVE IT!  “We Can Do Better” is clearly the theme for the night.  “We Did Build It” is also paramount, but they’re really taking it to the president tonight.  “We’ve tried the one the press thought was perfect, and that hasn’t worked out too well for us.”  Word.  This guy is good – smooth, confident, but not condescending.  “…feed me, lead me, then bleed me.”  Perfect analogy.  This is great.  He just threw out the evangelical card and totally called out the president on his faith credentials.  Now he’s on to defending Catholics.  “I feel better about a President who would give generously of his own money, than mine or yours.”  Word.  “In the real world, you get the prize for producing something; not just promising something.”  One of the best speeches thus far.  Love that guy.  If you are an evangelical or on the fence about voting for Romney based on his religion, YouTube this speech. 

And now Condoleezza Rice is taking the podium.  I have the utmost respect for this woman.  I realize her speech has already been leaked, but I waited to hear it live.  I don’t think she’s using the teleprompter.  Makes me love her even more.  I can’t even do a pull-quote from this thing.  It’s that good.  This woman is a rock.  Okay, pull-quote: “Peace really does come through strength.”  Preach!  Oh, and now she’s on to energy independence.  “It does not matter where you came from.  It matters where you are going.” Oh, yes.  She’s talking class warfare.  I love this woman!  She has got this crowd revved up!  Now she’s on to immigration.  “…you may not be able to control your circumstances, but you can control your response to your circumstances.”  Education.  I love her thoughts on this.  Can’t really put it into words.  Oh.  Hell.  No.  They did not just cut her off.  What.  The.  Deuce?!  Had to switch to CBS, just in time to see her finish.  That was so incredibly homosexual, the epic PBS fail, that is.  Condi’s speech, however; pure dynamite.  Seriously, YouTube it. 

And now CBS has gone to commercial, instead of carrying Governor Susana Martinez of New Mexico.  I’m going back to PBS, who are joining her speech late.  I’m trouble getting into Gov. Martinez’s speech, since it’s pretty much impossible to follow Condi.  Except she just said that, when she was a teen; she carried a Smith & Weston .357 Magnum.  She just got so much hotter.  Gov. Martinez is just another example of how attractive women in the Republican party are.  Maybe it’s just their words, but you won’t find any scary creatures masquerading as females roaming the aisles here.  Those will be in Charlotte next week.  Ooo…now she’s talking about the president needing to own the economy and the debt because, “he did build that.”  Great speech, governor.

Okay, this is it.  The speech that I’m most looking forward to.  And here he is, Paul Ryan.  I’m in love with this guy’s words.  Let’s see if he can electrify this audience the way Sarah Palin did four years ago.  “After four years of the runaround, America needs a turn around.”  Oh, Gov. Walker (who just showed up on my screen), I love you too.  What an all-American this guy Ryan is.  Great family, and obviously heart-felt in his delivery.  Hello, Speaker Gingrich.  Dude, Walker is crying.  It’s that big, this moment.  “…the recovery that was promised, is nowhere in sight.”  This guy has a captive audience.  He’s driving this thing home, in the first ten minutes.  Brilliant.  “Why would the next four years be any different than the last four years?”  Preach.  This guy is awesome.  I don’t even know why I’m typing, you just need to see this to believe it.  He just dismantled ObamaCare in two sentences.  Oh, yes.  Play that Medicare card.  That just happened.  “The greatest threat to Medicare is ObamaCare, and we’re going to stop it.”  I’m at a loss for words.  I’m giddy with excitement.  He just called the Obama campaign “a ship trying to sail on yesterday’s wind.”  He’s getting wound up, and I – along with everyone in that hall – am loving it!  This guy is going to eviscerate Joe Biden in the forthcoming debate.  “One president, one term, $5 trillion in new debt.”  “We need to stop spending money we don’t have.  Really simple.  Not that hard.”  Making the not so complex even more easily understood.  What’s so telling about Ryan is how he’s passionate about getting on the right track, not like the angry finger-pointers on the left.  “…to this day, my mom is my role model.”  Standing ovation for mom.  Pure class.  “We will keep federal spending at 20 percent of the GDP or less, because that is enough.”  I love when he talks fiscal policy.  “…this issue isn’t the economy that Barack Obama inherited…but the economy that we’re living.”  I know I’ve used this phrase before, but this guy is pure dynamite.  “…a country where everything is free but us?”  I can’t even write about how great this bit is now.  You must watch this.  Every American should.  “My playlist starts with AC/DC and ends with Zeppelin.”  Epic.    “By the way, being successful in business; that’s a good thing!”  Word up, yo!  “Our rights come from nature and God and not from government!”  Preach.  He’s bringing it home (again).  He’s awesome.  Just wrapped it up.  Pure gold.  Fantastic.  I don’t have enough adjectives.  I won’t say he electrified the crowd the way Sarah did four years ago, but it was pretty close and just as substantive. 
I am so done with these bloviating windbags on PBS – or any of the networks, for that matter.  Just switched them off.  That’s why I watched.  I wanted my own opinion of his speech, not theirs.  Fantastic.  YouTube it.  (Yes, I just used “YouTube” as a verb.  Get over it.)  I don’t know how Mitt Romney will top this tomorrow night, but I’m excited to see him try.  Stay tuned.  

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Republican National Convention Commentary: Day 1

[Sorry for the formatting. It's a work in progress.]
Okay, so I’m a little late to the game here.  It’s 6:46, and I’m just sitting down to type.  I’ve been watching PBS’s coverage of the RNC since it started at 6:00, but my computer wasn’t cooperating, so I apologize for not giving running commentary during the remarks given by Speaker John Boehner and RNC Chairman Reince Priebus.  They didn’t really say anything that I haven’t already, but their speeches were fantastic.  However, they weren’t near as energizing, for me personally, as the wonderful woman who just finished her speech.  Before tonight, I hadn’t ever heard of Mia Love, the mayor of Saratoga Springs, Utah.  What an electrifying speech.  And naturally, the talking heads on PBS tried to demean her speech by saying she’s just trying to steal Obama’s story.  Super lame.  Just because she’s black, she’s riding on his coattails?  No.  She had more substance in her five minute speech than I’ve ever heard in our president’s laboriously lengthy speeches.   Fantastic.
This isn’t going to be my typical running commentary, but more like an overview of each of the speeches – I may do full-bore commentary for Ann Romney and Chris Christie – but I’ll try to include quotes.
The talking heads are still going.  It’s really no surprise that they’re not covering Janine Turner, and they should really shut up and let [the country crooner whose name I can’t find] entertain without them talking over him.   
Obviously, the themes of the night is “We Can Do Better” and “We Built It”.  Both are noble and so true.
Sher Valenzuela is speaking now.  She’s running for lieutenant governor in Delaware.  Very professional.  A business leader who obviously cares about the direction of the country.   Talking about over-regulation, being able to grow a small business.  Good stuff. 
Now that Ms. Valenzuela is done, the talking heads aren’t wasting any time trying to tie Hurricane Issac to this convention. 
I’m shocked.  They’re actually airing the Oak Ridge Boys’ performance of Amazing Grace.  Wonderful!
Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers just took the stage.  “We Built It” Love it.  As a side note, there hasn’t been an unattractive woman on this stage.
Hello, Senator Kelly Ayotte.  “In addition to being a United States Senator, I’m also pretty good with a snowplow.”  Hot.  Finally, someone who brings up ObamaCare.  “President Obama has never even run a lemonade stand…And it shows.” Love it. 
Okay, a nice businessman just had a little speech.  Not terribly polished, but fits nice.   
Governor John Kasich of Ohio just took to the stage to the tune of I’ve Got a Feelin’ by the Black Eyed Peas – one of the most annoyingly overused songs ever.  Fail, RNC music supervisor.  “We killed the death tax” Preach.  This guy is fired up.  Now he’s addressing the debt.  Love the debt clock hung in the arena.  Perfect.  “Taxachusetts”  Love it. 
Nice, we’re not going to watch the video that uses Obama’s own words against him.  Instead, the talking heads are going to fixate on this Ron Paul delegate “controversy”.  Yes, the rules change is concerning, but they’re trying to make a bigger deal out of this than necessary.  Naturally, the media types (to borrow a phrase from Rush) are trying to paint the convention as divided or fractured.  Are we not going to hear from Governor Mary Fallin of Oklahoma?  “Kerfuffle”, Gwen [Ifill]?  Really?  I do like this Luis Fortuno, governor of Puerto Rico.  Governor Terry Branstad of Iowa is also on with the talking heads, and he’s pretty good as well.  He’s fired up and driving Gwen crazy.  It’s quite comical.   
Ooo.  The PBS guy on the floor is about to take on [former governor John] Sununu.  Love that guy.  I love how the talking head is trying his best to make the Republicans look bad, but Sununu isn’t having any of it.  Though, he didn’t really get unleashed.
Ooo.  Governor Bob McDonnell of Virginia just took the podium.  I like this guy.  Don’t necessarily agree with him 100 percent of the time, but I still like him.  “The EPA is the ‘Employment Prevention Agency’.” Love it.  “Talk is cheap.  Results matter.”  So true.  Why did we shift away from him as he introduces Bev Gray?  Oh, because this is PBS.  Let’s see, that’s three women that PBS hasn’t carried.  And it’s Republicans who hate women.  Right. 
And again.  Not airing the video of Obama’s own words that are so easily used against him. 
Oh, yes.  Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin is taking the podium.  Really love him.  The crowd does too.  Cheese head in the Wisconsin delegation!  Love it!  Okay, Gov. Walker, I love you, but I hate sob stories.  Granted, yours is uplifting – as opposed to depressing, like our president likes to say – but you’re better than this.  “The ‘R’ next to [Romney’s] name doesn’t just stand for ‘Republican’, but also for ‘reformer’ [with the selection of Paul Ryan as his running mate].”  Oh, you left too soon.  Sad. 
Seriously, where did PBS dig up these talking heads?  One is from the New York Times.  That speaks volumes.   Oh, and we’re not going to carry Governor Brian Sandoval of Nevada’s speech?  Is this just to appear not as sexist?  You still suck, PBS.  Oh, and now you’re trying to justify the “You didn’t build that” comment, Judy [Woodruff]?  Indefensible.  Even in context.  But Senator John Barrasso of Wyoming isn’t letting them have it, and he’s doing so concisely and calmly.  Very Paul Ryan-esque.  PS – this Botoxed douche from the NYT is scary.  And the other one is just the male version of Debbie Wasserman-Shultz with 30 years and a wattle.  He’s really talking up the federal government. 
Whoa.  Why are we showing a video?  Oh, so Gwen and Judy can talk over it.  Apparently [former Senator] Rick Santorum is about to take the stage.  Ooo.  Newt Gingrich is in the box, but first, Santorum.
Seriously, I like this guy.  I backed him in the primaries, so it’s nice to see him here.  “Graduate high school, work hard, get married before you have children.”  Preach.  “We must stop the assault on marriage and the family in America today.”  Word.  He’s really bringing it on this executive order [baloney].  I’m loving this hands bit.  “…born and unborn.”  Perfect way to weave in a pro-life message.  “In November, we have a chance to vote for life and liberty, not dependency.”  Great speech.
Okay, Newt.  Let these whack-jobs have it.  Oh, and we’re not carrying Ted Cruz’s speech.  Racists.  How ironic.  Newt is talking about how broad the Republican party is and how the media doesn’t want to show it.  Oh, so now we’re going to Mr. Cruz.  Must not like what Newt is saying. 
Oh, I love it.  He’s working the stage, not just standing behind a podium.  I’d love to see Obama do that, but I don’t think the TOTUS is portable.  And the Texas delegation is loving him.  Normally, I don’t like multi-lingual speeches, but I’ll let it pass, because this guy is propping up freedom.  “Government is not the answer.”  Nice way to invoke Reagan.  Love it.  He’s propping up learning English and not taking a handout.  Good stuff. 
I like this Artur Davis, former congressman from Alabama.  “You thought it was the glare, some of us thought it was a halo.”  Nice.  PS – this guy is a former Obamaite.  He’s really taking it to the Democrat party.  Lovin’ it.  I just love his southern twang.  Lots of people say such a twang makes you sound unintelligent, but I love when people embrace it.  “We bend, we do not break.”  Fantastic.  “2008-2001: Lesson learned. 2012: Mistake corrected.”  Great speech. 
Oh, nice, we’re not carrying Nikki Haley, governor of South Carolina.  I love her, so naturally, PBS isn’t going to cover her.  Typical. 
Ugh.  I’m switching to NBC, because my local FOX station isn’t doing convention coverage.  Lame.  Actually, screw this.  I don’t want to listen to the [P]MSNBC types.  I won’t be able to handle it if Rachel Maddow comes on.  I’m over to CBS, where they’re more concerned about Hurricane Isaac.  Thinking I’ll switch back to PBS, sadly.  Okay, back to PBS.   Newt is taking on the wattle. 
Luce Vela Fortuno, first lady of Puerto Rico, just took the stage.  Again, I don’t think there is an unattractive Republican woman in the arena.  She’s here to introduce Ann Romney.  Dude, I could listen to her talk all night.
And here’s Ann.  Looking good.  The lady in red.  The crowd is loving her.  Well done, Ann.  Mention Hurricane Isaac, but don’t dwell on it.  She’s poised and pleasant, and apolitical, really, but she’s not a robot.  She’s really got the crowd wrapped around her finger.  She says she and Mitt don’t have a “storybook marriage”; they “have a real marriage.”  “…Mitt Romney was not handed success; he built it.”  Love this woman.  “Mitt doesn’t like to talk about how he’s helped others, because he sees it as a privilege, not a political talking point.”   Ooo…hello Condi.  Sorry.  A.D.D.  This speech is dynamite, and not in the political sense.  This gal has got heart.  Well done! 
Now Christie.  Love. This. Guy.  Not 100 percent aligned with his views, but he’s fantastic.  Unconventional and a true leader.
“The public needs to start being treated like adults.”  I’m surprised they’re playing this video.
“Tonight, we’re going to choose respect over love.”  Loving this.  I do wish he’d get more to the meat, but I’ll take his recalling his fight with the teacher’s unions.  “Our ideas are right for America, and their ideas have failed America.”  That’s more like it.  And he’s on to fiscal policy.  Loving this.  He just dropped my favorite word of late, “coddled.”  So glad he’s on the same page as me.  Now he’s taking it to education.  Have I mentioned that I love this guy?  “They believe in teacher’s unions.  We believe in teachers.”  Word up, yo.  “When there are people in the room that are more concerned about doing the job they were elected to do, than they are about winning reelection…”  Ooo…take on ObamaCare.  “It is time to end this era of absenteeism in the Oval Office.”  Seriously, I know why Ann Coulter loves this guy.  “Mr. President, real leaders don’t follow polls, real leaders change polls.”  “We’ve never been victims of destiny.  We’ve always been the masters of our own.”  Preach.  Side note – Romney sure looks humble when Christie keeps lauding him.  Props.  This guy is awesome.  He’s done, and the crowd wants more.  Epic. 
This was a great kick off to the convention.  It’s too bad they’re not carrying Three Doors Down, because I guarantee you they’re much more entertaining than these talking heads.  I’m stoked for the next two nights.  Stay tuned.