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Sheldon's Words of Wisdom 12.02

"It’s not suspicious that I’m fixating – it’s consistent with my personality."

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Democrat National Convention Commentary: Day 3

I’m joining commentary coverage late, as it’s 6:27pm.  I’m currently waging a war on my own apartment, but that’s a story for later.

Let’s just get this over with.  I hope the next four hours fly, because I’m ready for this pathetic excuse for a political convention to be over.

Okay, PBS, let’s get to actual convention coverage instead of fawning over the president and Democrats in pre-taped segments.  Par for the course, I realize, but I’m bored with this attempt at balance.  Though, Mary J. Blige’s set wasn’t sounding so great while you were carrying that, and the race-baiting “reverend” that was speaking before her, I could have done without.  Until they have a real guest in the box or start carrying a speech on the floor, I’m checking out.

One little note, though.  Am I surprised that the spin machine is really downplaying this move from stadium to arena?  For the uninformed – which doesn’t really include my audience – President Obama was supposed to deliver his acceptance speech at the Carolina Panthers’ Stadium – or as everyone else knows it as, the Bank of America Stadium.  It was a combination of bad marketing on the part of that name and the fact that the enthusiasm gap between 2008 and 2012 couldn’t be much greater that facilitated the move.  They’ll blame it on the weather, but it’s bad publicity that’s the real culprit.

Another little note, because I’m still bored with the PBS coverage/propaganda.  Yesterday, the convention “voted” to include “God” and “Jerusalem” in the platform.  The nays were very vocal.  That’s very telling about this party.  What’s even more telling is that they had to hold a second vote to recognize God and Jerusalem in the first place.  This party is obviously hostile to those of the Christian and Jewish faiths.  Which begs the question: why in the world would Jews continually vote for Democrats.  With all the hostility toward the Catholic Church, why would Catholics even contemplate voting for these people?  This anti-Christian, anti-Semitic party really needs a reality check. 

PBS is still bloviating.  They’re talking to “presidential historians” now.  I’m out. 

It’s 7:00, and PBS is actually joining coverage.  I guess they had a late News Hour or something.  No clue.  Regardless, they joined Caroline Kennedy mid-speech.  Could she be any more bland?  Remember what I was saying about Democrat speakers being robots?  Yeah, that’s happening again tonight.  Hello, Jesse Jackson.  She’s been droning on for the past five minutes, and I didn’t detect an ounce of enthusiasm. 

Yikes.  Poor former representative Gabby Giffords led the crowd in the Pledge of Allegiance earlier in the night.  Good for her.  Too bad she had to be escorted by the lamprey known as DWS.  I’m just surprised that Democrats 1) know the pledge, and 2) include the “under God” part.

Now former secretary of state, Madeleine Albright, has joined the PBS commentators.  Is it sad that this party is clinging to the past so badly?  She looks like she just crawled out of a coffin.  And isn’t it sad that she’s the go-to person in the Democrat Party for national security?  Bored.  I almost give credit to Judy [Woodruff] for asking Albright about the alleged lack of support for Israel.  Naturally, Albright is spinning it, saying Obama is a staunch supporter of Israel.  False. 

Former governor of Michigan  Jennifer Granholm – and current Current TV host – has the crowd surprisingly riled up.  Pretty sure she was doing lines of coke before this speech.  Holy cow. 

Eva Longoria just took the stage to try and inject a little attractiveness into this convention.  Too bad she’s a left wing hack and can’t really break out of her slutty character.  What makes celebrities think that we should listen to them about political issues?  Now she’s railing about paying her fair share.  What’s with these Hollywood hacks that like to preach about paying more, but don’t?  No one is stopping you, Eva, from paying what you believe is fair?  And she’s done.  She’s pretty attractive, but her politics make her lose points in that arena. 

Now the governor of Montana, Brian Schweitzer, has taken the podium.  Didn’t someone give this guy the dress code?  Lazy.  “He brought the wrong agenda to Massachusetts, and he’s the wrong guy to be President of the United States.”  So moving Massachusetts from #50 in job creation to #26 is the wrong agenda.  Oh, yes.  For Democrats, that’s wrong.  They’re renowned for wrecking economies.  Uh oh.  He’s bringing up gun licenses.  Isn’t that taboo here?  “That dog don’t hunt.”  Couldn’t you find a better catch phrase for the lemmings to chant?  I’m incredibly bored with this charlatan – trying to appeal to Midwesterners.  Fail.  He’s kind of reminding me of Cousin Eddie from the National Lampoon’s Vacation movies.  I’m surprised he’s using such bold language about taking out Osama bin Laden.  Too bad that that’s about the only legitimate accomplishment of Obama’s presidency – which you can’t really attribute to his leadership. 

Now, former governor of Florida, Charlie Crist – turncoat and Marco Rubio’s floor mop.  “I didn’t leave the Republican Party, it left me.”  Really?  “…Reagan would have been too moderate for today’s GOP.”  Really?!  Oh, let’s just talk common ground.  Again, I’ll translate.  “Common ground” to a Democrat means “taking ground from the GOP.”  When I look at this guy, I see a weasel.  Well, this is a first for the televised portion – the Gulf oil spill.  Talk about a political maneuver.  Obama tried to destroy the oil industry with that disaster.  Like his ole buddy, Rahm Emanuel, said: you don’t let a crisis go to waste.  Why doesn’t this guy just ask, “Can’t we all just get along and sing kum-bi-yah?”   

And now, failed presidential candidate, gold-digger, and Senator of Massachusetts, Mr. Ketchup Queen, er, um, John Kerry.  Oh, there it is.  “An exceptional country does care about the rise of the oceans…”  Knew he couldn’t get far into a speech without spewing Al Gore’s talking points.  Now he’s on to anti-war talking points and blame games.   Oh, yeah, because Mitt Romney wouldn’t have given the order to take out Osama bin Laden.  “Ask Osama bin Laden if he’s better off than he was four years ago.”  Backfire – yeah, President Obama screwed him too, but he’s a terrorist, not a citizen of the country Obama was elected to lead.  Now he’s propping up the “success” in Libya.  Right, because handing a country over to the Muslim Brotherhood is a “success.”  I’m so bored with this notion that Romney isn’t qualified to lead because of his lack of foreign policy credentials.  Really?  Where were Obama’s foreign policy credentials four years ago?  Now he’s saying that Mitt Romney is a flip-flopper.  Well, you are the authority on flip-flopping, aren’t you, Senator?  Oh my goat.  Get this pompous windbag off the stage.  He just made a Sarah Palin joke.  That’s how obsessive this party is.  It can’t let go. 

Okay, I had to take a phone call, so I missed the end of Senator Ketchup’s, doh, Kerry’s speech, as well as the first part of the interview with Bob McConnell, Republican governor of Virginia.  I’m surprised that PBS is giving time to the counter argument.  He’s not saying anything that he didn’t say last week, so I’m going to take a break for sustenance. 

For the love of goat.  How many times can one convention play I Got a Feelin’ by the Black Eyed Peas?!  Fail at both conventions.  That song was a lead-in for Dr. Jill Biden.  “…being a teacher isn’t what I do; it’s who I am.”  And probably a NEA pawn too.  There you go.  Prop up his religion.  He’s allegedly a Catholic.  This party has some serious ground to attempt to reclaim with Catholics.  Short and relatively sweet.  I don’t buy it, but it wasn’t divisive per se.

Now an introductory video for Joe.  This ought to be an evolution of hair plugging.  This video is dragging on and on.  Hopefully this means his speech will be shorter.  Unlikely.  You know what would have been better?  A sizzle reel of his greatest speech moments, culminating with his “put ya’ll back in chains” moment. 

And here he is.  Let’s see if he can top Clinton for awfulness.  Ew.  Did he just called Jill “kitten”?  Ugh.  Normally, I’d think it was cute, but it’s usually gross with Democrats.  Wow.  Really?  He just got his nights mixed up.  Twice.  He must be off script.  It was Tuesday night, when Michelle spoke, Joe.  This speech is a drag.  He’s trying to be solemn, but it’s coming across as sedated.  He sure doesn’t have the crowd riled up.  I’m so bored with this speech that I just trolled the other networks to see if anyone was carrying it.  Naturally, NBC is the only one.  I want to laugh at the points he’s brining up about the president’s character and his drive, but it just sounds depressing.  “[Romney] was willing to let Detroit go bankrupt.”  They did go bankrupt, Joe.  After we poured billions into them.  He says Romney would have approached the auto industry “the Bain way.”  I fail to see what’s wrong with that scenario.  They went through a managed bankruptcy anyways – after the bailout.  “Conviction, resolve, Barack Obama – that’s what saved the automobile industry.”  Really?  Wow.  That’s so lame.  I’m so distracted by Joe’s wattle.  He looks like he should belong in the PBS box.  Now we’re back to bin Laden.  As if that’s the administration’s accomplishment.  The SEALs and our intelligence agencies are the ones that got it done, they just did the obligatory thing and asked for the presidential go-ahead.  “…the finest warriors in the history of the world.”  – and only tepid applause.  This is so sad.  How much can you milk that one event for political gain?  And now he’s got them on their feet.  “Osama bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive.”  He’s really playing up this courage aspect.  Pretty sure Hillary has more [cajones] than Barack.  And now we’re on to DWS’s talking points, and the age-old “war on Medicare” that is prevalent at every single Democrat convention. There’s the mention of the Simpson-Bowles commission again.  When will he mention that Obama rejected that plan as well?  Apparently I missed the outsourcing talking points from DWS.  She must have saved it for this convention instead of giving excerpts of it throughout her appearances on [P]MSNBC.  Same thing with “DREAMers.”  Oh, this ought to be good.  He’s ripping Republicans on their term, “culture of dependency.”  And he completely missed the point.  Finish it up, Joe.  I’m bored.  “You deserve a president who will never quit on you.”  And now I want to make a Brokeback Mountain reference, but the idea of doing so kind of grosses me out.  Bored.  “We see a future…where one isn't forced to live in the shadows of intolerance.”  Was that a gay baiting or race baiting?  Not really following you, Joe.  And now he’s back to solemn, talking about taking care of our veterans.  I’m glad he’s not trying to make this partisan, but I think he’s trying (and failing) to cry, not trying to keep himself from doing so.  And he’s finally done.  It wasn’t as pompous or self-congratulating as Clinton’s, but just as misguided and unsatisfying. 

Now, who’s the warm up for President Kardashian?  (Yes, that’s a Rush reference, but it’s so perfect.)  Oh, so the warm-up act is Senator Dick Durbin from the always-politically pure state of Illinois.  He’s just hitting talking points.  I’m going to get more sustenance.  I love how he brought up the DREAM act that he authored, but can’t celebrate the success of this president in getting it passed.  Instead, he ursurped the checks and blances of our government and issued an executive order to enact it.

Now, a video about Obama and the past, narrated by George Clooney.  How lame.  This video is so awful.  It’s downplaying Barack, and emphasizing Michelle, Joe, and Bill [Clinton].  I want to throw things at the television already.  If that’s indicative of how this speech is going to go, pray for my television, it’s just the messenger. 

And here’s Michelle to introduce him.  A peck on the cheek?  That’s it?  She’s done more for your campaign than you’ve done in the last two.  Probably didn’t poll well to go all Al Gore on her.  Let’s see how abysmal this can get.  He’s been speaking for a few minutes and it’s almost as if I can predict every single word that he’s going to say.  It’s uncanny, really.  And now we’re on to DWS’s talking points.  Wow.  I realize conventions cover the same ground over and over again, but this one just seems like it’s so much more repetitive than the Republican counter-arguments last week.  Maybe it’s because there’s no ideas floating around this convention, but just defense and distractions.  He’s ripping on Republicans wanting tax cuts and to roll back regulations.  Why are those things bad?  Boring.  Where’s the plan for the next four years, Mr. President?  There hasn’t been even a notion of what you’d do with a second term.  You just keep saying, “we’re not done yet”, but what exactly are you not done with?  Wrecking the economy, stamping out the constitution, and stacking the Supreme Court with activist judges?  Okay, he just laid out a short “plan” that sounded oddly like what he said four years ago.  Are we going vintage here?  And there’s the outsourcing comment.  He’s DWS’s [pawn].  “Three proud words – Made in America.”  Obviously, you don’t come with that label.  Yeah, I just went there.  Oh my goat.  I’ve heard this speech a thousand times before.  Your writers need fired.  I’d get mad at this broken record, but this is so expected that it’s sad.  He’s propping up what he’d do with energy for our country, and morphing it into an environmental cause.  “…in this election, you can do something about it.”  I thought the last election was going to stop the rise of the seas and begin healing out planet.  That didn’t happen?  Oh, and back to energy.  You’re so in love with the idea of jobs?  How about green-lighting the Keystone Pipeline?  Yeah, didn’t hear that option floated here.  Now we’re on to education – you know, so we can hit all the notes that he’s hit in the same speech a thousand times before.  Where is something new?  Not that I really expect it, but the American people deserve better.  “…leadership that is tested and proven.”  Proven failure on nearly every level.  Bored.  Michelle doesn’t look very inspired.  Now we’re on to foreign policy.  “Our commitment to Israel’s security must not waiver.”  Way to court the Jewish vote.  You’ve got a lot of ground to make up.  “My opponent and his running mate are new to foreign policy.”  Guess what, Barack, I’d trust them any day with our foreign policies over you.    “…without insulting our closest ally.”  ARE YOU^%$#@! KIDDING ME?!  The Winston Churchill bust, anyone?!  Now we’re on to fiscal policy.  So bored with his logic.  Now he’s on to knocking Congress and alleging that Republicans just want to give tax breaks to their “millionaire friends.”  Come on.  I can’t even type any more, that’s how bored I am.  I’m pretty much auto-tuning him out.  It’s kind of a defensive mechanism.  “We’re not entitled to success.  We have to earn it.”  I guess success is the only thing that you think we’re not entitled to.  “We don’t think that the government is the source of all our problems.”  Well, Mr. President, I agree with President Reagan.  And last time I checked, he has an insurmountably better track record than you.  “The election four years ago wasn’t about me.”  Really?  Tell that to Samuel L. Jackson, who only pulled the lever for you due to your race.  I’m so bored here.  He’s hitting all of the obligatory points to get the crowds on their feet.  Must mean he’s almost done.  And still, there’s no real plan in sight.  Instead, he’s just playing to the demographics he needs to win – Hispanics, women, and gays.  “I’m no longer just a candidate.  I’m the president.”  And thank God we have a system that allows us to get rid of you.  At least, we have that system until (if/when) you get reelected, you decide you don’t like it and issue an executive order to get rid of it.  Still bored.  Wrap it up.  It’s 10:00pm, and the last 40 minutes has been nothing but a broken record/compilation of sound bytes from the last four years.  Now, the sob stories.  For the love of goat, could politicians not use these?  It’s political emotional whoring, and it’s ineffective.  Okay, he’s wrapping it up I believe, so I’m going to already write this speech’s obituary. 

This was a sad attempt to rile the base.  Maybe it worked, but a lot of words don’t win over those with an ounce of intelligence (i.e. anyone that’s not in that room).  Thirty-eight minutes of nothing but promising to fulfill promises he made four years ago.  And now they’re playing Brooks & Dunn’s Only in America.  Don’t ruin that song for me. 

It’s finally over.  I actually feel pretty good for the Republican Party coming out of this convention, because the Democrats had nothing to offer.  Basically, it was a “reelect us and we’ll make more speeches and hate on Republicans more.”  There was nothing of substance, and the whole atmosphere was so much less classy than what went on in Tampa.  Plus, this was almost as if it were the “old” party.  No youthful spirit, and a bunch of has-beens making speeches about accomplishments in former administrations.  There’s no record for Obama to run on, and if people would just use their brains, they’d see that reelecting him would be disastrous for our country.

Mitt Romney can win this thing.  It’s certainly possible.  I’m optimistic about his chances.  However, I’m also a realist, and see that this nation is teeming with idiots.  This should be Romney’s race by 20 points now, and a landslide on election day, but unfortunately it’ll be close down to the finish.  I still hold out hope.  I won’t be one to just sit on the sidelines and watch my country go down the tubes.  Is Romney perfect?  No, certainly not.  But after this convention, he’s clearly a better alternative to what this party in Charlotte has to offer.  This week has been tough.  If you stuck through it with me, I applaud you.  I apologize if you found some of the content off-putting or offensive, but let me assure you – this was the censored/restrained version. 

Thanks again, folks.  Good night.

Romney/Ryan 2012.  

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Democrat National Convention Commentary: Day 2

I’m already depressed.  It’s 5:59pm, and I’m dreading what’s about to come on the television.

Oh, so the wattle and the NYTDB take offense to the term “pundit”?  They prefer “analyst”.  There’s already an angry voice spewing at the podium, but he must not be very important – you know, like most everyone that has spoken thus far at this convention.  I’m bored listening to these “analysts”, so I’m checking out until I have someone else to direct my commentary towards. 

And here’s AFL/CIO president, Rich Trumka.  This ought to be lackluster…at best.  “Mitt Romney doesn’t know a thing about hard work or responsibility.”  Yeah, because being a governor or running the Olympics comes with no responsibility.  I didn’t know that organizing a union was a “fundamental human right”.  Where do these people come up with this?  Oh, and the class warfare has already started.  I don’t remember angry little men giving speeches last week in Tampa.  Pretty sure that’s a prerequisite to speak here – that, or if you’ll speak about abortion rights.

Now the Democrat Senate candidate from Wisconsin, Representative Tammy Baldwin, is in the PBS box hitting all of Debbie Wasserman-Shultz’s (henceforth, known as “DWS”) talking points.  “Work hard and play by the rules…level playing field…hard-working middle class families.”  Seriously, the robots have synchronized early tonight. 

Oh my goat.  It’s Nancy “Stretch” Pelosi!  Yikes.  She is just plain scary, and it looks as if “…the future of our party, the hope of America.”  No, madam plastic.  A win for your party is a loss for the country.  “President Obama has focused on jobs from day one.”  When was the last time his jobs council met?  Now she’s hitting the talking points.  DADT, ObamaCare, equal pay…the usual suspects.  “When you go to the polls, vote for Medicare.  Vote for President Obama.”  Do we really need to cover this material again?  Now she’s doing the same line for social security.  Now the same line about “women’s rights”.  “It’s just plain wrong.”  Lemmings, this convention is full of. 

Now we’re back to the box with Rep. Baldwin and the talking heads.  Bored. 

Now, Democratic women Senators.  Diane Fienstein (CA), Barbra Boxer (CA), Kirsten Gillibrand (NY), and others.  They’re all being trotted out to the instrumental version of Katy Perry’s Firework.  Where’s Claire McCaskill (MO)?  Hmm?  Maybe she’s out trying to salvage a campaign she’ll probably still lose, even though she’s running against a loose-lipped opponent.  Going back to attractive women in politics.  If this sampling is any indication, Republicans own the field of hot women in politics.  Only three of nine of these women are but moderately attractive.  But I won’t dwell on looks, because you’re supposed to be looking at what’s on the inside.  If that’s the case, there’s a bunch of angry little men up there, again.  Barbra Mukulski (MD) was the spokeswoman for the group, and she’s got a wattle as well.  Just listening to her talk is vexing. 

Caroline Kennedy is joining the PBS box, talking about how Uncle Teddy [Kennedy] is at the convention, guiding them.  She says that she’s found that people are engaged on the issues.  If that’s the case, there’s no way her man, President Obama, can get reelected.  He’s got nothing to run on.  She’s actually a terrible commentator, er, um, analyst.  Monotone, unexciting, and bland.  She’s not hitting DWS’s talking points…yet.  So I have to give her partial credit.  She must not have been briefed.  Oh, there’s a “on the side of working families”.  Knew she couldn’t go the whole interview without caving. 

Jennifer Sanchez is performing, and it’s a nice break from the talking heads in the PBS booth.  Too bad this American Idol winner has to stoop to performing to this crowd.  And now they’re cutting back to the talking heads. 

Now the PBS box has the keynote speaker from last night, mayor of San Antonio, Julian Castro.  Let’s see if he goes from likable to angry little man without the smooth transition again. 

Now, the president of Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards.  This ought to be depressing.  Oh, she just couldn’t resist the media-created Todd Akin controversy.  She’s not as unattractive as her NARAL counterpart, but her words are just as awful.  Okay, she’s not nearly as funny as she thinks she is.  “President Obama understands women.”  Does that mean he’s a woman, because no man understands women.  Period.  (Pun intended.)  She doesn’t exactly have the crowd riled up.  It’s more obligatory cheers than fired up.  Do the Democrats really think that having women renowned for abortion rights speak here will help win them votes?  And there’s the biggest cheer, for her mother, Ann Richards.  Should have seen that coming.  This was probably among the most deceitful speeches so far in this convention.  She barely mentioned anything about what Planned Parenthood stands for, which is nothing short of infanticide.  Instead, she tried to sell the idea of her organization being primarily for cancer screenings and birth control – not abortion, which is the real mantra of the organization. 

Judy [Woodruff] is actually kind of taking it to Mayor Castro on “reproductive rights”. Basically, she asked him why the Democrat party doesn’t seem open to a pro-life candidate.  And Gwen [Ifill] followed up with bringing up his Catholic background.  He’s waffling.  Basically he just said that Catholics are pro-choice, and now he’s walking that comment back.  I don’t think he’s comfortable with this conversation.  He’s sweating.  And the NYTDB just saved the mayor from further waffling and changed the subject back to the economy.  Bad interview, Mister Keynote. 

Now a veterans video.  This ought to be as close as patriotic as this convention gets.  I took a break during this, but the last two speakers, both veterans, were almost non-partisan.  I can appreciate that, but I don’t think they realize that taking care of our veterans isn't a subject President Obama owns.  Everyone in their right minds would want to do that.  They should take another look at his stance on the military.  Like, how cutting the defense budget would seem like a good idea. 

Now, Gov. Deval Patrick is joining the talking heads in the box.  I think the NYTDB is getting irritated that no one is going to give him a straight answer to his question, “What’s going to be the most important legislative accomplishment of Obama’s second term.”  And now the wattle is following up with whether Gov. Patrick thinks Mitt Romney is a felon.  Really, people?  Come on.  Break.

Sister Simone Campbell – executive director of NETWORK, a nun, and Ryan budget-hater – is now at the podium.  I love how she’s talking about compassionate acts but it’s morphing into government control.  “This is part of my pro-life stance, and the right thing to do.”  Sorry, Sister.  There’s no such thing as a pro-life Democrat any more.  We’ll welcome you to the Republican Party when you see that government control will never be as good as the compassion you advocate.  Oh, and when you stop knocking a budget that seeks to save this country’s future. 

Now, Mayor Rahm Emanuel of Chicago is joining the PBS box, talking about campaign finance reform.  I knew we couldn’t go a whole convention without the Koch brothers being mentioned.  I find the Democrats to be at the height of hypocrisy on this issue.  Rail against super PACs, then embrace them.  Bored.  “Republicans didn’t vote for President Obama’s budget.”  Neither did Democrats, Rahm.  Now he’s talking about Republicans wanting to rewrite history.  Really?!  Look at how presidents [F.D.] Roosevelt, Kennedy, and Clinton are revered in history books, while diminishing the successes of Reagan and [G.W.] Bush.  Get real, Rahm.  What a tool. 

Bill Butcher, a brewery owner, is now at the podium.  This is the Democrats’ attempt to prop up their small business credentials.  Short speech.  I figured he’d rail against Romney.  Fortunately, he didn’t.  He’s just misinformed about the president being on his side. 

Now, California Attorney General, Kamala Harris – probably the most attractive woman to speak thus far.  Now watch her ruin whatever attractive qualities she has by spouting DWS’s talking points.  I love how she’s railing about the housing crisis while not accepting the notion that it was her party that created said crisis.  Oh, now she’s on to railing on Wall Street.  Attractive, you may argue, she is, but she’s also a pawn. 

Now a video about immigration.  It’s propping up executive orders.  I have a serious issue with this.  If he’s just going to ignore the laws regarding immigration, what other laws is he going to ignore and issue executive orders to change? 

Benita Veliz, an illegal immigrant, is now at the podium.  Nothing against her, but get in line to do the immigration thing the legal way.  Oh, so the illegal immigrant was just here to introduce Cristina Saralegui, from Telemundo.  No wonder I’ve never heard of her.  Could this Cuban look any more Aryan?  Was that too far?  I think the Democrats are worried that the Republicans have lost their monopoly on Hispanic voters.  Hence, Castro, Veliz, and Saralegui.  I’m bored.  Did she just say, “He helped create a Second Great Depression.”?  If so, I’m sure she didn’t mean to, but she’s right.  Let me translate for you all.  “Comprehensive immigration reform” to Democrats means “amnesty” and “open borders” for the rest of us.  Now she’s railing on Arizona’s immigration laws.  Have I mentioned how much I love Jan Brewer?  Yikes.  That was just lackluster. I couldn’t understand half of it – because half was in Spanish.  Lame.  There was nothing in her speech about learning English, like her Republican counterparts championed last week. 

Now, the president of Carmax, , is at the podium.  And he just blamed Bush.  I’m taking a break.  I wish it was to self medicate, but it’s just not the case. 

And now a video on the auto industry.  This ought to be wrought with inaccuracies.  Yep, slamming Mitt Romney’s op-ed in the NYT.  Seriously, where is the mention of the Chevy Volt?  Where’s the mention of how GM and Chrysler actually did go bankrupt, after the bailout?  Yeah, inaccuracies.  Where did they dig up these pawns.

Who’s this Karen Eusanio.  Oh, naturally, a UAW member.  I assume she’s here to introduce someone?  “President Obama didn’t think about the polls or the politics.  He thought about the people.”  Sorry, honey.  All that Democrats pay attention to is polls and politics.  And there’s Michelle.  I guess she’s not here to introduce anyone.

Okay, maybe she was an opening act for Bob King, UAW president.  Labor leaders speaking at a convention just seems like a conflict of interest.  But then again, unions are just money laundering operations for the Democrat Party.  And now, we’re going to rip on Bain Capital.  It was only a matter of time.  Since when are labor laws, strong unions, and collective bargaining “basic human rights.”  Is this a fantasy event?  Where’s the cosplay?   Now he’s ripping on Wisconsin.  Why?  I think Gov. Walker is doing a phenomenal job taking on the overgrown behemoths that you represent. 

Oh, this ought to be good.  Former employees of Bain Capital – also known as political pawns.  Bored.  This is such a joke.  Speaking of jokes, there’s Joe Biden.  And this is a cyclical double negative.  I don’t hate Mitt, but I hate him.  Really, folks?  Oh, they have beer in the stands.  I’m envious.  Can you tell that I’m easily distracted from the political pawns that will be discarded after the election?  Yikes!  There’s Al Franken, doing his best Jack Nicholson as the Joker impression.  Scary. 

Now, back to the talking heads.  The NYTDB is still upset that the convention hasn’t taken his advice.  I don’t think he realizes that this actually reflects bad on Democrats.  I doubt that’s his intent.  Now the wattle says that we celebrate the auto bailout.  We do?  News to me.  Oh, so this was just a transition into a rant about Clint Eastwood.  Typical liberal.  Bored.

Oh my goat.  This ought to be just awful.  Sandra Fluke (aka, slut) just took the podium.  How long until she mentions Rush Limbaugh?  Oh, so now she’s fear mongering.  Oh, there it is.  Not by name, but it only took her a minute.  But she’s back to fear mongering.  She’s in good company.  “…forcing us to endure invasive ultrasounds.”  What is invasive about an ultrasound?  And there’s the media-created Todd Akin controversy.  That only took two and a half minutes.  This broad is a robot.  Pretty sure she got a makeover before this.  How does it feel, Miss Fluke, to whore yourself out to the Democrat party?  After the election, you’ll be discarded like a form of birth control you advocate.  Too far?  Too bad.  I have no respect for a woman who doesn’t respect the unborn.  Plus, activists don’t do it for me.  Finally, it’s over.  Eight minutes too long. 

Jim Sinegal, former CEO of Costco, is taking the podium.  His warm-up act will be very easy to follow.  Very easy.  Yes, read into that.  I know I sound like a chauvinist, but I really don’t think these women can be demeaned any more than they’ve demeaned themselves by their own words.  Mr. Sinegal’s speech is lackluster.  Monotone, uninspiring, and misguided.  Hahahaha!  One of the delegates is asleep!  Classic! 

And now, Elizabeth Warren, Senate candidate from Massachusetts - and 1/32 American Indian?  “I never dreamed I’d be the warm up act for President Bill Clinton.”  How deep do I need to read into that?  (Yes, I know, there were several double entendres in there.)  Oh goat.  “The system is rigged.”  We’re going to go there, then?  Bored.  There’s the “fair share” comment.  Lame.  Now she’s saying Mitt Romney would raise taxes.  Isn’t it your party who wants the Bush tax cuts to expire?  I think she’s got a sick fantasy of Obama fighting for her.  The way she’s describing his alleged taking on of the big banks, it’s a little disturbing.  Have I mentioned that I’m bored?  And there’s the equal pay reference. Beating a dead horse, anyone?  She just invoked Matthew 25:40.  How about the Democrats look up Exodus 20:13?  Where is the person with the stage hook?  This has been going on for far too long. 

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa just stepped up to the podium.  He’s here to introduce former president, Bill Clinton.  I find his presence here fascinating.  Naturally, here to scout out interns, er, um, prop up his wife’s 2016 run, er, no, why is he here? 

Why is he getting such an ovation?  This should be a cake walk for him.  He doesn’t like Obama, but lying through his teeth is second nature to this guy.  I do find it ironic that Vice President Joe Biden isn’t speaking tonight.  Probably because he doesn’t have a chance of holding a candle to Rep. Paul Ryan’s speech a week ago.  “I want to nominate a man who’s cool on the outside, but burns for America on the inside.”  Again, how am I supposed to read that?  “In Tampa, a few days ago, we heard a lot of talk.”  Not as much hot air as we’re getting here in Charlotte.  One of my sources just told me that if throwable objects were available, they’d be hurled at the television set.  And he’s just warming up.  Yikes!  There’s his and Hillary’s spawn!  And there’s the tell – licking the lips.  So, Republicans are the party of hate?  Right.  This guy is a comedian.  Biting his lip now.  Is that another tell?  “What works in the real world, is cooperation.”  Right.  “Cooperation” to a Democrat means “Republicans caving to their tantrums.”  “He is still committed to constructive cooperation.”  Really?  Wasn’t it Obama that said that “elections have consequences, and [he] won”?  Now he’s heaping praise on Joe Biden and his wife.  “…more partners and fewer enemies”?  Are you kidding me?  Turn your back on Israel and the UK and embrace the Muslim brotherhood?  That’s making us safer?!  I’m so bored.  He’s droning on and on about partisanship in Congress.  Really?  Republicans left Obama a mess?  Last time I checked, the Democrats were in control of Congress starting in 2007.  Who left the mess for whom?  “Are we better off than we were when he took office?”  NO! NO! NO!  Anyone with half a brain knows that.  Don’t try to spin this.  We’re not impressionable interns.  “No one could have repaired the damage he found in just four years.”  Maybe not, but what he could have done, was attempt to stop the bleeding.  Instead, he ripped any band-aid that was on the mess off and sunk the knife deeper.  Did you see the national debt top $16 trillion?  That’s not leadership, that’s abject failure.  I’m so done with this bloviating douche bag.  “The auto industry restructuring worked.”  Before they went bankrupt?  If this guy was Pinocchio, his nose would be in the Atlantic Ocean by now.  And that’s just from this speech.  Gaffe.  “It will cut your gas price in half, er, it will cut your gas bill in half.”  What, bringing up the fact that gas prices have doubled since Obama’s inauguration is a touchy subject?  Wrap it up, Bill.  (TWMS?)  I’m bored, and if you don’t end this lie-fest, I’m going to start chucking my shoes at my television.  I have size 16 shoes, and I like my television.  Don’t make me do it.  Oh, man.  Now he’s just getting to ObamaCare – a term he calls “derisive.”  Aptly labeled.  And just a news flash, over half of Americans favor repeal.  It’s a poll.  You should take notice.  And now he’s taking on Ryan’s Medicare plan.  He is going to crash and burn.  This is making no sense.  And I don’t think anyone in the convention hall is following him either.  They’re just mindlessly cheering.  Because, I mean, it’s Bubba, baby.  This is the stalest argument in the Democrat playbook – and right out of DWS’s talking points.  How many times can you say “end Medicare as we know it”?  And now he’s on to the work requirement for welfare.  Why are we supposed to trust him when he says, “Here’s what happened.”  Did we believe him when he told us what happened with Monica – the first time?!  I love how he’s taking credit for welfare reform, when it was Newt Gingrich and the House Republicans that dragged him kicking and screaming to the table to do so.    For the love of goat.  Now he’s on to debt.  “We’ve got to deal with the debt…What has the president done?”  ADDED TO IT BY $5 TRILLION DOLLARS!  He didn’t even take the advice of the Simpson-Bowles commission!  How many times is PBS going to cut to Rahm “The Fake Tan Rat” Emanuel?  I’m fuming here.  Listening to this guy talk reminds me of how much I loathed him when he was in office.  I was 15 when he left office.  I was raised right and was politically smart from a young age.  Why?  Because I wasn’t indoctrinated in public school.  “We simply cannot afford to give the reigns to someone who will double down on trickle down.”  Seriously.  Get this guy off the stage.  “If you want every American to vote, and you think it’s wrong to change voting procedures…”  Because the Democrat party would never partake in voter fraud.  The fact that I’m still writing infuriates me.  Finally.  It’s over.  The vile man is leaving the stage.  Really?!  Did Bill just bow to Barack?  Taking a cue from our current president, eh?  Get these two idiots off the stage. 

I’ve muted the talking heads.  This was a terrible speech.  Oh, don’t doubt me – the Democrats and their willing spokespeople in the media probably loved it and are [self-gratifying] in the press boxes.  But I loathed every minute of it.  Anyone who buys any of this pathetic excuse for a president’s [malarkey] really needs to see a psychiatrist.  The whole night was a train-wreck.  Worse than last night.  I hate to imagine what’s in store for the finale tomorrow night.  I look forward to it being over.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Democrat National Convention Commentary: Day 1

Okay…really late to the game here, but I don’t think I missed much.  I know I’m uber-biased, but this is going to do a number on my psyche.  It’s a good thing I’m not a big drinker, otherwise, I’d have alcohol poisoning before this week is over.

It’s 7:24, and this thing has been going on for over an hour.  I think I missed Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.  How tragic.  The last 15 minutes has been brutal, but this is where I’m joining PBS’s coverage.  Oh, hello Jesse Jackson: pillar of morality and common sense.  (Warning: sarcasm is going to be rampant the next three days.)

Now the NARAL spokeswoman (Nancy Keenan) is spewing abortion talking points.  The disgusting thing is that she’s getting huge cheers.  It’s sickening.  Naturally, she had to bring up the media-created controversy involving Todd Akin, and the hideousness that is Sandra Fluke.  I love how this broad (yeah, I’m using demeaning terms for women who have demeaned themselves for aligning with such horrible agencies) never mentions the child these women are carrying.  “Women in America cannot trust Mitt Romney…He would repeal ObamaCare.”  I fail to see the problem here.  Seriously, you should hear this broad.  And it’s the Republicans who are the angry party.  Remember how last week I was saying that there weren’t any unattractive women at the RNC?  Yeah, not the case here.  Actually, I’m having difficulty figuring out which ones are men, and which are women. 

Ugh.  Sheilds (aka “the wattle”) and Brook (aka “the NYT douche bag”) are back.  Nice, Brook actually just made a decent point.  Of the 32 speakers, they’re either a politician, labor leader, or activist.  No one speaking is from the private sector. 

Tammy Duckworth just took the stage.  She’s running for the House in Illinois, and she’s a double amputee Iraq veteran.  I don’t want to sound cynical, but I’m pretty sure she’s just being trotted out for military credentials.  Too bad she doesn’t know that she’s just a ploy.  Dude.  Is that an old man chomping on a cigar?  I’d need something stronger.  Nice.  There’s a guy with earbuds in.  Super respectful.  Eesh!  It’s “Plugs” Biden!  Oh, and there’s the “Obama got Osama” reference.  And naturally, we had to have the obligatory DADT and women in combat references.  And now for the sympathy pull.  Whoa!  The “USA! USA! USA!” chant.  I didn’t think that was possible with this crowd.  I applaud her service, but I feel bad that she doesn’t see her appearance here as anything more than a ploy.

Governor Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island just took the stage.  He’s the only “Independent” governor, which is kind of like saying that Barney Frank is a bisexual.  It’s a farce, which is why he’s here, at the Democrat National Convention.  “We’re liberal in the best sense of the word.”  There’s a good sense of the word.  “There’s really nothing conservative about today’s Republican party.”  Logic, buddy, get some.  Oh, so that’s why he’s here, to be Al Gore’s surrogate.  “We believe in freedom.”  No you don’t.  Now the obligatory abortion and gay rights statements.  I’m bored.  Now we’re on to education.  Sure, talk up the public education system that liberals have wrecked and then blame Republicans for wanting to give people a choice in education.  Lame.  “We believe in fiscal responsibility.”  I didn’t know this was a comedy show.  Oh…there he is.  Barney Frank.  Dude.  I’m kind of psychic. “…the values of Abraham Lincoln.”  Who was a Republican.   What is this show, besides a comedy?  A Democrat hour with special guest appearances from former RINOs who have finally come out of the political closet?  

Stacey Lihn, a mother – who must be an activist – just took the podium to talk about how much she cried with joy when ObamaCare passed and was upheld by the SCOTUS.  This is disgusting.  Trot out children to sell a policy.  And her little girl is crying.  It is pretty sad.  Sad that the Democrats are stooping so low.  And now the “Four More Years” chant has started.  Lame. 

Former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland just took the stage.  Is there a reason he’s yelling?  Oh, he’s the union talker.  Okay…took a little break from typing for a little liquid refreshment.  Unfortunately, there’s no alcohol in my pad.  This has been tough to listen to.  Strickland is an angry little man that’s trying to rip Romney apart.  Lame. 

And now, Kathleen Sebelius, former Kansas governor and current Secretary of Health and Human Services.  I loathe this woman.  The scary thing is that she’ll have so much power if this legislative atrocity that she’s propping up is fully enacted.  “ObamaCare is a badge of honor.”  Well, that’s telling.  “If you’re under age 26, you can stay on your parent’s plan.”  Isn’t that sad?  To basically say, “Just be a slacker until you’re almost 30.”  I can’t stand that she’s propping up Obama passing ObamaCare when it was actually the idiots in Congress who actually did so.  Sure, he spearheaded it and signed it, but it was the loons in Congress who wrote the elements she’s spewing on about…and then they didn’t read it.  Really, Kathleen?  You want to talk about Medicare?  How about talking about how ObamaCare robs from Medicare to pay for its huge bill.  I’m so bored.  “If you work hard and play by the rules…” These people are robots. 

Here’s Rahm Emmanuel, mayor of Chicago, and future convicted felon (if you go by Illinois government officials’ track record).  This guy just looks like a rat.  A rat with a fake tan, that is.  “…we have a once in a generation president.”  I hope he’s this generation’s Jimmy Carter.  Again with the robot statements about infrastructure, Wall Street, and 29 months of employment growth.  People who buy this load of [malarkey] should really have their heads examined.  He’s really having trouble getting this speech out without stumbling.  His microchip must be malfunctioning.  I love how people are propping up how Obama saved the auto industry.  Yeah, maneuvered to save the industry by bailing them out…before they eventually filed for bankruptcy anyways.  How’s that Chevy Volt doing, Rahm?  “The president never changed his views to suit the audience or the moment.”  [Malarkey.]  Gay marriage, anyone?  A delegate is holding up signs saying “Demand our right to travel to Cuba.”  So confused. 

So, Barack’s sister, Maya Soetoro-Ng, and Michelle’s brother, Craig Robinson, have taken the stage.   What’s all this talk about Head Start?  Propping up another government agency?  “He named two brilliant women who understand our lives to the Supreme Court.”  I wouldn’t call them brilliant.  I’m more prone to the term “activist”. 

Sorry, I got bored.  So I went to make supper. 

Lilly Ledbetter, an equal-pay activist, is at the podium.  I’m pretty sure her plastic surgeon needs fired.  Have I mentioned how boring this thing is?  It’s basically a bunch of angry talking heads. 

Governor Deval Patrick from Massachusetts just left the podium.  Passionate, and I’ll give him credit for telling Democrats to grow a backbone.  Other than that, it’s nothing you haven’t heard on [P]MSNBC. 

I’m so bored.  Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley has got the drones in the crowd chanting “Forward, not back” on cue.  He’s passionate as well, but every speech so far has been the same.  Pretty sure Debbie Wasserman-Schultz got the talking points pounded into their heads.

Joaquin Castro, a Texas State Representative, just took the podium to introduce his twin brother, Julian Castro, mayor of San Antonio.  “[San Antonio] looks like the America of tomorrow.”  How deep am I supposed to read into that?   And there’s I Got a Feelin’ by the Black Eyed Peas.  Whoever organizes events this big should take notes: that is the most overplayed song for any gathering and should be stricken from playlists henceforth.  So, Julian has taken the stage this convention’s keynote address.  He’s just going through backstory.  I’m only half listening.  Now he’s talking about hard work.  What would a Democrat know about that?  They promote a welfare state.  Oh, how ironic.  There’s will.i.am.  Figures.  “How do we multiply success?  The answer is Barack Obama.”  Oh, this guy is funny.  I wonder who writes his jokes.  And now he’s going from nice guy to tough guy.  Not a smooth transition.  Could the people in this audience be more lemming-like?  “Mitt Romney says no!”  Even this guy’s daughter has her hands over her ears.  Kids shouldn’t be submitted to this circus.  Oh, there it is.  Bringing up the deportation fiasco.  Yeah, that’s a good plan.  Support breaking laws.  And now we’re on to class warfare – a common theme from tonight, I’ve just been too bored with the talking points to bring it up.  I do find the idea that Obama brings jobs home ironic when so much of the stimulus plan gave money to companies overseas.  But then, hypocrisy is okay when you’re a Democrat.  And now we’re back to the personal sob story.  Normally, I’d be inspired by it.  Unfortunately, this guy just sounds like any other public school-educated drone that is predisposed to be liberal.  He’s done.  Meh.  This guy’s got nothing on Chris Christie.  We’ll welcome him into the Republican party when he comes to his senses.

And now we’re treated to a video about Michelle.  Oh, how I just can’t wait for this…I wonder if she’ll talk about when she became proud to be an American.  Oh, hello Valerie Jarrett – daughter of an Iranian Communist.  You’re one to talk about legacy.  I love how this video is trying to make her human.  She’s got nothing on Ann Romney.  You know, I don’t really care about her wanting to educate kids about exercise and diet, but it’s another to force kids and their parents into adopting her agenda.  So bored with this video.  And now we’re on to the first family.  Bored.  I wonder how long before these girls go all Lindsay Lohan.  I truly hope not, but I wouldn’t be surprised. 

Elaine Brye, a military mom, just walked out to introduce Michelle.  “I’m not even a political person.”  [Malarkey.] Otherwise you wouldn’t be here.  How many people write Christmas letters to politicians?  It must have said, “I’m a political ploy.  Use me.” 

It’s 9:39pm.  I bet she doesn’t get off the stage before 10:00pm, but here she is.  Michelle Obama, in rare form.  You know, trying to be genuine.  It’s hard not to compare this little bit of her speech about who she’s seen across the country to the hands bit from Rick Santorum’s speech last week.  This one pales in comparison.  And now we’re on to trying to humanize Barack.  “When Barack started telling me about his family…I knew I’d found a kindred spirit.”  Oh, your family was routed in Marxism, Communism, and Anti-colonialism too?  Small world.  And now we’re back to the equal pay mantra.  Look, there’s nothing wrong with equal pay, but have these people ever heard of beating a dead horse?  Or is this just trying to prop up one of the administration’s few less confrontational/controversial successes?  “Being president doesn’t change who you are.  It reveals who you are.”  Again, how deep am I supposed to read into that?  And now she’s hitting all of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s talking points.  And probably the biggest cheer thus far was about choices women make with their bodies.  What about the child that they may be carrying.  Who in your party will stand up for them?  “…these issues aren’t political.”  [Malarkey.]  Everything with Democrats is political.  There’s the “who we love” talking point.  Again.  We get it.  Democrats love the gays.  We don’t hate them; we just don’t think we need to redefine marriage to coddle them.  “We can trust Barack to do what he says he’s gonna do.”  Then why is Guantanamo still open?  Why hasn’t he gone line by line in a budget?  Why haven’t the seas began to recede or the planet begun to heal yet?  Broken promises, Michelle.  Don’t try to spin it.  We’re not stupid.  Apparently a bunch of folks in that convention hall are, but Americans are not.  Oh, 10:00pm.  She’s still going.  “Surely we can get to the polls on election day and make our voices heard.”  Pretty sure I’m reading too far into this, but I’m pretty sure that was a voter ID subtext.  Nice.  A dude with a Robin Hood hat.  Too bad he missed the point.  Oh, is she going to do it?  Tear up?  Great actress, that Michelle.  I wish she was being genuine, but I just don’t buy it for a second.  Well delivered speech and easily the best of the night.  And why isn’t Barack here, the way Mitt was here for Ann?  Oh, that’s right.  He’s out trying to salvage a fledging campaign.  Michelle has nothing on Ann Romney, but she did her best to try to deliver a similarly-themed speech as she did last Tuesday.  Fail.

And now, the talking heads are [self-gratifying] in the PBS box.  I’m not listening any more.  I didn’t even catch the first hour and fifteen minutes and it was still brutal at every turn.  Sure, Michelle almost sounded like someone with a soul, but it’s a farce.  Everything with these people is a ploy to get voters.  I’m not buying it.  One night down, two to go, and it only gets worse from here folks.  I won’t be offended if you don’t stay tuned.