Monday, September 26, 2016

Clinton v Trump: Round 1

Apparently this is going to be historic.  Why?  Because no one likes either of them?  To be fair, some people just love one or the other, or, more likely, they hate one or the other. 

Look, I’m not going to sugar coat this.  I hope Trump wipes the floor with Hillary.  Not because I like Trump.  I like the idea of Trump, but I’m less than impressed with the reality.  I love how he’s less politically correct than, well, anyone that ran.  But the fact of the matter is, I can’t stand Hillary.  This is literally a choice between two evils.  Trump, at worst, is the Republican version of Obama.  Hillary is Obama with ovaries.  So we have that.
I have no idea why this is even a contest.  Trump should be walking away with this.  Not because he’s actually going to make America great again, but just the sole fact that he’s not Hillary.  If there were a viable third party candidate, I’d give them a second look.  But Johnson and Stein are just game spoilers.  I thought it was going to spoil it for Trump, but it’s looking like the Bernts are still holding a grudge and chipping away at Hillary’s lead.  So there’s that too.
Let’s just see where this goes.  I don’t expect great things.  Trump will probably play it safe.  Hillary will come out with guns blazing.  I mean, um…diplomacy blazing.  Or something PC like that.  
I’m watching it on the FOX network…rather than Lester Holt’s catty network.  Stop talking Shep Smith…let’s get this started.  We don’t care about who is watching this versus who is watching Monday Night Football. 

Here we go.
Red pantsuit.  Yikes.  She’s even scarier on my big television.
Achieving Prosperity (Jobs)
And she comes out waving the class warfare sign.  Raising the minimum wage…equal pay…hitting the talking points.  She’s very polished so far.  There it is…debt free college.  Handing the Bernts a olive branch.  Now she’s feigning pleasantry by addressing Trump directly.  Lame.
He’s talking about how many jobs are leaving.  Giving decent examples…lowering taxes…renegotiating trade deals.  Similarly talking points.
Her rebuttal…tired old “trickle down economics” right out of the Democrat playbook.  She’s trying to start a hashtag with “Trumped up trickle down”.  Lame.  Now she’s going all personal story. 
Back to Trump.  I’m a little off on where he’s going with this, but I’m really distracted by her scary tooth (upper left).  He’s kind of handing it to politicians and lobbyists. 
Her rebuttal…Obama’s talking points.  Yawn.  Now she’s railing on Wall Street…one of her biggest contributors.  “Independent experts” are on your payroll.  Her numbers are very sketchy.  Oh boy.  Clean energy.  Really?  That’s your proposal.  This is so 2008.  He probably shouldn’t interrupt.  The headline will be “This is how he treats all women.”
His rebuttal…energy policy is a disaster.  Preach.  Can’t do it when you’re $20 trillion in debt.  Word.  He’s handing it to her on her 30 year history of, well, nothing.
Now she’s propping up Bubba’s policies.  And now she’s on to her Senate record.  Now her Secretary of State speech.  Bored. 
He’s railing on NAFTA.  Ooo…now TPP.  She’s creepy, how she smiles.  Turn loose the harpie.  It’d be more entertaining.
Oh….now she’s trying to shift away from trade deals.  She’s not winning on this. 
He went right back to it.  Railing on regulations.  “Business, as in people.”  I like that. 
Stop hawking your website.  So lame.  Oh, bad Donald.  Don’t stoop to her level. 
Raise taxes on the wealthy.  Stop this. 
Odd…ISIS turn.  She’s straight up creepy when she smiles. 
Bureaucratic red tape.  Preach.  “We have no leadership.”
I’ll give him this, he’s being typical Donald.  Another want to be hashtag “Trump loophole”.  There it is again Hashtag TUTD.  I’m so bored with this.  Ugh…the talking points. 
I’m kind of bored with Lester’s question about his tax records.  Oh, nice…turn the tables on her.  Release the emails, he’ll release the tax records.
“This is something that the American people deserve to see”, she says…so are your emails.  “I made a mistake…” 
“not in a braggadocios way…”  yeah, it kind of is.  “We’ve become a third world country.”  Not a great argument, Donald.  We’re on our way there, but we’re not there yet.  He’s talking about how our money has been squandered.  Word.
Now she’s on to sob stories about the people he’s hired.  Bored.  She won’t make eye contact with him.
“It’s all words. It’s all soundbytes.”  Yeah, it really is.  She could probably say the same about you.  “I take advantage of the laws of the nation.”  Yeah, that’s going to bite him.  “We don’t have people who know what they’re doing.”  Word.
America’s Direction
“Let’s talk about race.”  Really, Lester?!
She’s just hitting the talking points.  “Everyone should be respected by the law, and everyone should respect the law.”  Criminal justice reform.  Guns.  There it is.  “Gun epidemic.”  I’m out.
Law and order.  Word. 
He drives me nuts when he doesn’t finish his sentences. 
Oh, stop your pandering, Hilldebeast.  The black community isn’t in love with you as they are your former boss.  “Systemic racism”…buzz phrase.  Good grief, why the gun hate? 
Implicitly biased.  Really, Lester? 
Flaunt that NRA endorsement.  “Maybe there’s a political reason you can’t say it…”  There are a lot of things she can’t say for that reason.  Why so much talk on stop & frisk?  Where is this coming from? 
“Respecting the rights of young men…”  What about young women?
“The African American community has been let down by our politicians.”  Preach.  “You decided to stay home.  That’s okay.” 
Why is Obama’s birth certificate or citizenship an issue?  He pivoted pretty well back to the issues. 
This is stupid.  I don’t know what Lester was trying to do here.  Ugh.  I’m so bored with this.  And I don’t know why questioning his citizenship is a racist issue.  This is absolutely pointless and merely a distraction from the issues…where she’s clearly not doing well.  “A long record of engaging in racist behavior.”  “The birther lie was a hurtful one.”  YOU STARTED IT!
“When you try to act holier than thou, it really doesn’t work.”  Nice.  Yeah, he’s not making a good argument when he says “no admission of guilt”.
Securing America
Cyber security…important, but in the grand scheme of things? I keep feeling like this is a coordinated effort to let her grandstand.  According to her, the Russians are just all about the hacking.  She just blamed the DNC hack on Russia.  WikiLeaks did that.  Stop changing the subject.
Stop with your endorsements.  She’s got Kim and Kanye, you’ve got real people.  We get that.  Thank you for pivoting to the DNC emails.  “We came up with the internet.”  No, Al Gore did that.  Speaking of which, where is he? 
She pivots to ISIS, props up her Arab friends.  I really am curious why she pivoted to this.  I think she has him on this, but I have a feeling he’s going to go off on her in a second.
He didn’t answer the question about homegrown terrorism.  That’s going to bite him, even though he was making a point about her terrible foreign policy. 
Please, just answer the question, Donald.  I agree with you on NATO, but just answer the question.  “We have to knock the hell out of ISIS.”  He’ll get dinged for that.  But, yes.
Lots of Sean Hannity talk.  Still won’t answer the question. 
“I have a much better temperament than she does.”  Maybe, but you’re not helping your case.
She pivots back to NATO.  And she’s propping up the Iran deal.  Nuclear weapons is the number one threat in the world?  What is this, 1984? 
“your president”…bad Donald. 
“Words matter.”  So many words.  I’ve pretty much checked out.  She’s a robot. 
He’s going off on so many different tangents.  And the crowd doesn’t know what to do. 
Finally.  I don’t think I can do this three more times.

It was a draw.  The media will give it to her, but I think Donald did what he set out to do.  But he didn’t wipe the floor with her.  Which really is a shame.  Good night all.

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